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A text from a happy client.

I should have done this a loooooong time ago. Kristine S.

I always find myself thinking: "What Would Beth Alyse Do?" Nicole L.

I feel like a different PERSON. This has been one of the best experiences of my life. outfit for Blade Runner? 6 or 7 compliments!! Rina W.

I totally did not think this was going to be as fun and as painless as it was! Ryan K.

Can I just say.....YOU rocked my world! Thanks so much for my new look. I find myself pausing and admiring the woman looking back at me in the mirror.....something I've never done. Hugs! Elizabeth B.

I should do this every year! Krish R.

Thanks, and thanks for the hair guidance as well -- appreciate it! I get a lot of compliments on my bright red shoes from women. And I've gotten complements on my shirts from five guys (I'll take what I'll get...) FYI, the particular designer jeans I bought are now all on clearance sale at 25% off. With 25% additional off today, I bought 7-8 jeans for $84 each. I cleared out their entire inventory :) Who knows if these will ever come back, especially since it's almost impossible for me to find compatible material for my body...worth it! Krish R.

Hi Beth Alyse, I wanted to say thank you so, so much for everything you did last weekend at my appt!! You did an amazing job with hair, make up, pictures, etc, and I learned so much from you!!  Thank you for being so patient with me all day!!! (I may make another appt in the next few months, with my sister or friends, to learn more, if that's ok.)  Thank you, again, and take care. Cheryl R.

Hey! Just wanted to let you know the wedding went great and we both looked fabulous. On our Honeymoon in Victoria BC, a waitress at a fancy wine bar said we were the best dressed couple she'd seen in ages! Haha! Rebecca Y.

Giggling to myself at the comments from an elderly couple sitting within earshot: Lady: "It seems that the style for young men is to have their hair pointing forward and then...pushed up a bit."Gentleman: "Thats how i used to wear it."Then he leaned over to me and said, "Are you gonna eat that cupcake?" Elizabeth A.

I thought it might be worth sharing that I'm in Portland today (at a Starbucks, ironically) wearing my long black skirt, studded boots, Monterrey tshirt, and leather jacket...and I feel pretty and pretty darn cool! Good work! Thank you, Beth!!  Hope you are well and, again, I am awed at how amazingly you do your job.

Hi Beth, It was good working with you. I have a much better idea how to choose my clothing. I'm also able to go through the rest of my clothes with a better eye to judge whether to keep or toss the pieces we didn't get to. It feels good to be clearing more than 30 pieces out of my closet. Judith F.

Alex did a wonderful job with my haircut and ALSO a wonderful job teaching me how to get good results with styling it myself. Not every day do I have the opportunity to style it, but it truly does not take long and the results are terrific. Today, I had the required 10 minutes. I used the products and did everything he showed me. I LOVE the results. He's gifted! Many thanks. I'll be coming back. Judith F.

I love that you're taking me out of my shell.  I'd never have done it without you :) Cathy W.

Very fun afternoon with you yesterday. Thank you! Judith F.

Hi Beth, thank you for everything.  It was a fun, busy day!  Love my hair. I love the black jeans – can’t believe how well they look!  And love the jacket!  I am glad I took the day off yesterday – I was so tired, probably because I stayed up too late Tuesday. Talk to you soon. Nancy S.

Hi there! Thanks for the pics. Now I have something up to date...excited to see how far they take me!!

The only words my daughter could say were, "O my God! O my God! You look so hip!" Even my granddaughter looked at me and with doubt in her voice said "my Nonna??" Waiting to hear what my son has to say!! Thank you, thank you! It was such a fun morning and I'm looking forward to our next adventure. XO! Joanne M.

Beth! You're amazing! How many girls are lucky enough to get a status update like that?? Rebecca B.

So, I'm in Pasadena right now on the sidewalk, and a carload of (pretty) girls just unrolled their window and hollered "We love your outfit!" as they drove by. You're awesome :) Melanie D.

You are flat-out awesome at your job and an all-around cool person. Thanks for all of your work and time with me. I am ready for the challenge! Thanks thanks thanks! Krisanne P.

And meant from my head to my are so very welcome :)You may have just gotten me this fashion job I just interviewed for. The hiring manager took one look at me (that cowboy shirt, blue jeans, hoodie, nice vans) and said "Yeah, you fit into the culture there." The recruiter said they have a nickname for me around he office: Dreamboat! It's your fault :) Chris H.

We have moved...Still loving my style!!! Neal P.

Really appreciate your feedback and advice here! Charles Y.

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your partnership and wisdom. The feedback people have shared with me has been incredibly moving (and there's already a makeup workshop at our next lunch!) Thank you. Oh, and SO MANY compliments on the earrings. I am inspired! Katie M.

I'm really grateful to you to come in for the consult today. I love how passionate and nuanced you were with your opinions. Thank you! Ashwin S.

I couldn’t imagine doing this without you. Katie W.

I appreciate your patience and suggestions. Diane B.

Thank you so much. You are the best ever and I really appreciate your help. Pouneh N.

Thanks again Beth for today. It was a ton of fun! Anthony N.

Hey, just wanted to say thank you so much for your help! I’ve gotten so many compliments. You killed it!  Totally :) I wore the double-breasted jacket today - thanks so much for getting me to try that - even when I was totally running out of steam. Again - thanks so much. I really enjoy when people are really awesome at what they do. Deanna S.

OMG I’m so tired.Thank you for the help today. Bought a medium pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. Tighter than I used to like; but I have to admit I look more put together than I usually do in this get up. So clearly I learned a lot! Leilani S.

Awesome! I’m excited! You were so much fun to shop with. Deanna S.

Wow. Beth. You have an amazing sensibility. I’m so thrilled, Beth. The style advice you explained is me and makes sense and resonates! Getting ready to leave for SF, pick up Dennis and head to dinner before Hamilton. I can’t thank you enough Beth for all your advice, insights and Hunter! Pat S.

Fabuloso! Thanks for all your help, I really got a lot accomplished today, and it is all fab. Had I done it myself, I would have ended up all in black and not looking like the slutty Russian oligarch that I am deep inside. Jessica D.

You are making me move out of my comfort zone - great! Zelda A.

Everything you picked out is excellent, by the way. Even my teenage daughter likes it all, which is unbelievable. Everyone at work noticed and it made a huge difference. I need more because I don’t want to wear my old stuff anymore! I’m really glad to have found you because you’re doing such a good job. Thank you! I cherish your opinions. Stacy K.

So sorry for the delay - it’s been a busy weekend. Anna was in heaven and loved everything. Thank you for everything and love the picture you sent. So happy that you took such good care of her. I think she’s on her way. I know that she Is going to have questions and want to consult, so I am going to make sure she has all of your contact information. I’m really leaning hard on her to come back and have color done with your guy. So happy that she allowed someone to takeover and glad that person was you. Hope you are having some good quality time away.  We will stay in touch for sure. Mike S.

Still sticking with your rules when I get energy to make an effort. And it always get me compliments. Eva A.

Just left Macy’s by myself in complete frustration. One of a dozen reasons that I miss you since we moved! Tom S.

Hi Beth, I swapped out my necklace and put the diamond away. I’m wearing a pendant that says “If you want to be loved love others” in tiny writing. It feels so much better! Thanks for such solid advice. Stacy K.

Did this year's birthday pictures and was super inspired by you to try new things, since last year you taught me great things can come of being willing to try new styles and clothing combinations. This is the first year I didn’t do a business casual look. The pictures were amazingly fun and turned out great. So thanks for the inspiration and lessons! THANK YOU! Have a great day. Lani S.

Hey! Super great working with you today! Dennis Q.

Hi Beth: Thank you for meeting me today. I do like my hair and makeup. You did a great job. Hunter did a great job, too. Please let him know. Julianne C.

I like how you think. It just makes sense. Anshul S.

Hi there, Had to share! The young guy in the office who’s worked with us a long time just said “I have to stop you Rachel - this is such a refreshing change for you!” Everyone laughed!  And I hardly even have new clothes yet - I’m just wearing old ones properly! Rachel H.

So much fun today. Thanks Beth! Kit L.

Hi Beth, Thanks sooo much for a wonderful day! I had lots of fun, learnt great tips from you. Truly grateful for what you did today. You need to be known to many people. Giri J.

Wanted to say thanks again for everything—clothing advice, friendship advice, candor and honesty! Mike L.

Hi Beth Alyse, Thank you! I love my new look! I receive compliments daily. But beyond that, I wanted to let you know how I feel- I am rejuvenated, refreshed and excited again about my appearance.  Does that even make sense? The effort I put into getting ready doesn’t feel wasted anymore and when I go clothes shopping I don’t feel lost or view it like it is a chore…I feel like I know what I am doing! Thank you for your guidance, your advice, your expertise and talent. I had a great day with you- it was exhilarating. Much appreciated! Chrissy H.

Thank you again!! I learned a lot today and really enjoyed it! Caitlin D.

Feelin' like a million bucks! Got rave reviews today at work - everyone wants to know when you'll be coming to FL! Thank you SO much...I really appreciate everything. I needed this "reset" and you were the perfect person to hold my hand. Will send updates! With much gratitude and appreciation. Chrissy H.

The Guerrilla Hop has changed my life! Thanks, Beth Alyse! Neil A.

The girls both won awards at the modeling expo for their hard work. Thanks for being a part of the journey. Lesley K.

My husband had very positive experience with you and admits he needs someone like you.  So you got us both now! Kathy P.

LOOK at you doing your job! Valerie C.

Beth Alyse—I'm trying to live a more fulfilling life, by letting go of those things that don't bring me joy, and expressing appreciation for those things and people that do. I consider you to be in the latter category. Merry Christmas to you and your Family! Michael L.

Got a compliment on my shoes this AM... and how put together my look was...Just wanted to say thanks again for everything, I had a great day and it was wonderful catching up! Mike L.

Thanks for everything yesterday, I am very happy with my purchases. Kathy G.

Hi! Thanks for an amazing day! I cleared out my closet after our session, and then I went back to the store the following week for some of the items we photographed. Thanks for your help and input - I’ve definitely shifted my perspective due to our time together. Thanks! Donna S.

I was able to get all the dresses for under $500. Yay! Stayed in my budget. I also stopped by Sephora and got the sunscreen you recommended. Thank you so much for a fantastic day! Annabel L.

Hey Beth! Thanks so much for your help today! Really appreciate it! Rong Z.

Ladies, take all the bows.  I was going through my photos with friends for a new website in the spring, and your pictures win hands down. Leilani S.

This is such a good idea, I'm really glad this exists! Kristen

Just wanted to say thanks! Between you and Hunter, I actually looked like me again but 15 years ago! Had an awesome time. Could not get over how good you guys made me look! Ended up wearing a white t-shirt under a long sleeved light blue top, for warmth. Really made for a great look with what you did with my eyes. Hunters cut is amazing. Lots of moisture in the air so the natural curls are popping off, looks great, better yet, no real effort on my part. Can’t believe how good my skin is looking today. Again, Thanks!!!!! Rhonda M.

Beth, I wanted to check with you to say that I’m seeing incredible results with my face. My boss was floored at the difference in appearance that occurred in just two days in the reduced redness in my face. I did through everything out, thee bags worth of cosmetics, cleansers, and hair products.The break out on my arms is even better in appearance. Thanks! Rhonda M.

And like that a week has passed...Beth!!I can’t begin to tell you what a difference your services have provided me. I regained my confidence, my sparkle, my SELF back. I basically purchased the entire capsule and still on the hunt.Thank you so much for everything! Truly such an amazing experience. :) Jenna A.

Hey! Thank you again for a fantastic day yesterday! I have to share with you - I’ve gotten so many compliments today on my look. And I even kept it toned down bc I didn’t want everyone to know I went shopping yesterday! Actual quote: “you look cool today - with the hair and your shirt tucked in on the side...” So funny! Anyway, thank you!! Peden S.

She makes the magic happen! See, this is what shopping with you is like. You're a breath of fresh air in my closet. Katie M.

Just wanted to thank you again. I had a great time. I'm very happy with what I got and a different direction, which is just what I wanted.  Plus I have clothes in smaller sizes. Who knew!!  (I know, I know, size isn’t important. LOL) Moira S.

I'm very thankful to be able to work with you. Annie

Beth, seriously...I hope we get the chance to work together’re amazing! Stephanie H.

Hey Beth Alyce.. thanks for today... My fiance loved all the shopping and the hair. Thank you! Nikita R.

Wow Beth. I look like a friggin’ model. Whoa. Take a bow, Beth. That makeup was on point. This is why you trust the pros! Leilani S.

Hi Beth, I really enjoyed our session yesterday. I ended up with daytime clothes that are playful. Yasmine P.

Thank you, Beth. You rock. You're my new best friend! Stephanie C.

Take a bow, Beth--THANK YOU!!! I’m so relieved I don’t need to buy all new clothes to look classic in a picture!!!Leilani S.

I'm so glad I have your help! Amy B.

Good morning! Thanks for yesterday. Feeling good! Karen T.

Hi Beth! Yay, you and Clayton worked magic! I had such a fun time with you (and Gib and Clayton!) yesterday! hope you are having a great Monday! Michelle S.

You're amazing--like, you really are AMAZING!! Charlene I apologize for never saying THANK YOU! THANK YOU! And THANK YOU! I really appreciate what you did for me. I would like to hire you for another session and get make up and business clothes taken care of. I purged my wardrobe after we worked together and now I have holes to fill for work! Kathy G.

Hi! Just wanted to say thank you again for the fun  afternoon. I learned a lot about how to put some outfits together, and I'm seeing my closet in the new way! I like the clothes we bought and I'm very happy with my haircut. Tatiana R.

Oh my gosh.....i had the best time with you, it went SO fast. Erin I.

>rushes across the dressing room for a hug< THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! Thank you missy. Will ask more, tell more later. Love the pic of my hair when it was done and flirty and adorable. Thanks for making the experience so wonderful, cutie! You're amazing--I love you--Thank you lovie as're awesome. Laura S.

Hi Beth, thanks again for today. Your help and advice will be super useful. Andrès H.

Halllooo! Just wanted you to know I am loving the new look - my jacket is awesome! - and will send some pics soon. Crazy here until the end of the month - a closet curation sometime after? I hope your holidays are going swimmingly! Elizabeth L.

It's been four years since we last connected in person. Your eye for fashion continues to serve me well. I'm thinking of doing another makeover session with you. You're not so bad to shop with, Beth ;)

You're the clear best person to shop with. It's clearly a fun day and people learned for the long term. Niki R.

Hi Beth, just wanted to give you an update, I love my hair! It still looks fabulous! Tried on my new outfits at home, they look great, my husband liked the combinations. We both really like the first composition (copper set). Hopefully we can find more sets in a similar category next time since that is a type I can easily wear to work and outside. Thanks for the help and see you again in a few weeks! Maryam Z.

Hi Beth Alyse, we just wanted to thank you! We had such a great time today....we are going to continue our adventure tomorrow with shoe shopping! Marti H. and Tamara B.

Same here Beth, you are very kind, patient and real. I look forward to meeting with you again and can't wait for another exciting time together! Sandrit G.

Had a great time yesterday, thanks again. Lots of compliments today. Seriously, I've been the headline of the day @ the office: "Have u seen Kim?!" LOL. You were right about the shoes.  You're welcome, meant every word. I got sooo many compliments yesterday, people were seriously blown away. Feel great, I'm not used to getting this much attention for my looks--it's a bit overwhelming! You really helped me accomplish my goals, I'm very grateful. Kim P.

Your plan has been executed. thank you. Mission accomplished. Couldn't have done this confidently without you. I now have a license to kill on that big stage. Thanks again for all the education. I look forward to our next mission. Ian G.

Hi Beth, I meant to email you earlier! I wanted to say thank you so much for the fabulous makeover! I am SO happy about it! First of all, my skin looks much healthier and "moister" because of this simple addition of products. I also love the make-up and how "fresh" I look! I'm still thinking about whether to do my eyelashes or not. I will continue to use the oil, which looks like it HAS lengthened my lashes. Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update! I will keep in touch! Gretchen H.

Thank you so much! Ken and I are going out to date night and I am proudly wearing my new jacket!! I love it :) Kiyomi T.

Hi Beth, Thank you for a fantastic time yesterday. We had a blast! I don't think I was the one that was supposed to have fun but I did. We had a date night last night at an Italian restaurant. I was so happy to see how wonderful and hip she looked and what made me even happier was that she looked so happy. It's all thanks to you!Ken T.

I continue to get great compliments about the new 'do..... Josie said it is the best haircut I've ever had!!! CraigYou are getting shout-outs! Celeste L.

Thanks! I've been channeling you with all of my maternity clothes choices! Jessica D.

Dear Beth Alice, This note is SO long overdue: you are a genius! I get compliments EVERY TIME I wear an outfit you helped me put together. Seriously. The colors, the patterns -- all of it. People love your work and I give you props every time. Vacation was lovely (I mean -- Paris -- how could it not.) I feel transformed. And ready for more. I hope all is well with you and that you and your gorgeous wee one had a good vacation yourself. See you soon! Jennifer K.

Thank you so much for helping me with my wardrobe! I had a great time shopping and taking photos with you and learned a lot about style and myself in the process. I'll let you know the next time I'm visiting SF. Best of luck with everything! Narain S.

You have such great energy! Really positive :) Jen H.

THANK YOU. You gave me the confidence boost I needed after a rough few years. Chip S.

You were amazing today. Thx so much! Anshul S.

Thanks. You made my day. You're my source of strength. Your words always cheer me up :) Shantharam B.

Hi Beth, I would like to thank you for a great session yesterday. I really liked your style. Anshul S.

Thank you again so much for everything today! Moriah N.

We had so much fun yesterday! Thank you for your kindness & encouragement. Janice and Maddie B.

I like your mix of practical and extravagance it always helps me to figure out what the hell is a priority. Weslie B.

Beth thank you so much for today, you and Gib were awesome. I will be sure to touch base sooner than later as I settle in with all of my new look. On my way home now hopefully I won't freak out the dog and boyfriend, fingers crossed! Shana B.

Thank you so much, Beth! I had such a great time today. The bill came to just $548 after tax for 13 items! Thanks -again - for everything today! ;) Jill S.

Hi Beth. Thank you!!!  For everything you did last weekend.  I appreciate you taking the time to go thru everything with me and helping me feel more at ease with the process. Look forward to seeing how it turned out. Best wishes to you and your little man. :)  Jill S.

You are brilliant. Hilarious. I can always see what you mean! Karen F.

What are you talking about, I learned it all from watching you!"– Oh R.

Thanks for another year of fabulous fashion! :) Katie W.

I'm in Bloomingdale's now shopping for cashmere and I'm totally channeling you! Jessica M.

THANK YOU Beth Alyse!!! I loved working with you, too! We're a great match. :) Today was fantastic - I learned SO much!!!!! And the bill was less than $400! I'll definitely  keep in touch! THANK YOU!! Joelle C.

That was an awesome session. Thank you! Krish R.

Hi Beth Alyse, Happy Holidays! Update on Alex, he's getting the occasional gig from Al at Look, done some fitting work for Levi's and was at their internal sales meeting in Santa Clara for their 2016 lines. Wouldn't have happened but for your work, thanks again! Mike L.

The transformation is complete. My inner baddass won't let my basic conformist even have one day of airplay now. Big hugs and mad props. Cheers to you Beth! Ben N.

I was on a date last night with this AWESOME gal, and I wore my grey wool slacks from the photo shoot, boots, my cashmere hoody and my Varbados leather jacket and two separate times she made comments like "wow that's so soft!" And "you have really nice stuff. I really like your style" Beth Synder #forthewin! #crushingit #amazingstylist Paul N.

Sandy: I know this amazing stylist you should see when you come back to the bay. When I was feeling frumpy a few years ago (actually, I might have just turned 41...) she helped me refresh my style and update my wardrobe. I didn't spend close to 10K. And she can work with different budgets. It was so great having someone with fashion chops make suggestions and recommendations I would never thought of that made me feel like I could be fashionaBle again!  Rumor has it she can bring along the most adorable assistant that smiles at everything you try on. Her name is Beth Alyse and I'll get you her contact info. I have so much dope shit! Thanks Beth! Ben N.

Thank you so much for today!!!Erin W.

We can't wait to go out with you again! Have fun with that sweet baby. :)-Maura V.

Wore the grey dress today. Got one million compliments. Just got my Spanx. One size bigger was the right thing! Thank you so much for the guidance and for your great attitude. Jennie V.

Thanks again for all your help last week!Nate H.

I've wanted the experience of a "makeover." I figured why not try it while I am on my solo vacation in San Francisco laying out the next chapter of my life?  So I did some research, and went with my intuition on Guerrilla Makeovers. I met Beth Alyse, and I signed up for the full day with her. Consultation, wardrobe, haircut, color, skin, career strategies, and more. Beth felt like someone I have known for years. And still very professional and on top of her game. We started at the salon. After a lot of discussion, Beth led the team to take me from a blond should-length style to a cute, short dark style. I love it! Then onto clothes......ok this was fun, trying on new styles I wouldn't normally go for. Beth helped with choices that she knew would reflect who I really am on the inside. From there, make up and skin care. All great, worth every penny. And I really feel like I made another friend in Beth. I do love my new look. And the best news is that Beth helped ignite a spark in me for my work, and offered to continue to work with me. I highly recommend her, and had a very special day! Lisa C.

Hey Beth Alyse, thanks for a great time yesterday! My husband really likes my new do :) I love the cut and the new color is beautiful. It really brings out my face and makes me look a lot healthier. So that’s fantastic :) Was really nice meeting you! Jeana

I am so happy about you! Manjula

Thanks for a wonderful hubs loves the new look -- and especially the dresses. Beth H.

Hi Beth, I just want to start by saying thank you.The executive events went extraordinarily well. In London I wore the Nanette Lapour outfit we purchased (I believe) last year before the Holidays. And for Napa I wore the flowery dress on the winery visit, while I through in for fun the orange dress w black see through details that we originally purchased for my very first makeover (my birthday some time ago). One highlight from the event was our CEO referring to me as "an executive" so I confidently confirm mission accomplished: we have managed to dress me over the last year for the role and world I aspired to enter. Perhaps it is not all in the clothing, but it has definitely helped me with the confidence and thinking about myself in those terms. I have loved the journey and I have really enjoyed working with you, in spite of my impatient and intense opinionated self... :) I just want to thank you BIG TIME for the change your skill, talent, and eye for how to match the outside with the inside has brought me. On a side note, I wore the comfy "casual" yet classy black sleeve-less dress yesterday, at our first Jazz event hosted in our home. And people indeed noticed the look I tried to convey - classy jazz, but not too conservative. I think it helped set the ambience of our event. I didn't plan this event at the time of purchase, it just turned out to be the right dress for success. Also, the friends I referred to you had good things to say about you. Her dinner outfit was exquisite and hair / makeup was so beautiful on her. I'm convinced they had a great day and preparation time with you. Lastly, was browsing Macy's...sending pics for your comments. Am I thinking the wrong way here? Trying to get a hang of my new me for next year too...too boring? Also, for the hair...I keep on curling it pretty much all the time...I went really curly for the jazz event. :) Eva A.

You really took time to get to know me and how much time I would actually spend on hair and makeup and made great suggestions. Really appreciated all the time spent on clothes too. Something I hate doing on my own but I really appreciated learning what works and what doesn't from an objective perspective. Thanks again for everything! Kim J.

I had an incredible day with you, Beth!!!  How can I ever thank you!?  I think you are fantastic on so many levels, and will stay in touch for sure. My husband and daughter loved it! Lisa C.

I wanted to let you know that I have received many compliments since the makeover from my friends, and really appreciated the session. Daniel G.

I've been thinking about you all week as I unpack my closet and realize the only things I like are the clothes I bought with you... Elise L.

Yay!!!!!!  Everyone was talking about it when you two left. We got lots of compliments. I'd say we hit a grand slam!! Gilbert B.

You "got it right" in terms of enhancing my looks, you explained well so I can carry on with your recommendations on my own and you were just a pleasure to be around. (Meeting Beowolf was icing on the cake!) Joy S.

Dear Beth, It has been a whirlwind first week at my new job. But I thought about you every day as I got dressed and throughout the days sometimes when I noticed other people's dress. I wore a dress one day, pencil skirt another day and three days of my new jeans or black jeggings look. I felt great and the black pants actual were super comfortable by the end of day two. I am trying to break in jeans today as I fly to my daughter in LA with leather jacket :-).  I can't wait to see you again. A million questions. Need other items.  Like black jacket since I can't live in leather jacket.  Wore some other sweater tops I had which did work and my mom had a really nice cashmere black open front cardigan she passed along. Not sure how to keep the style as I feel utterly unable to figure out how to pick these items but for now just trying to get used to it.  Got compliment one day that they loved my outfit head to toe. You should write a "Wear This, Not This" book! Just wanted to express my gratitude and let you know I am having fun.  Thanks, Karen F.

Hi Beth. It was nice meeting you yesterday. The picture you took for me has very good feedback from my friends :) I will be in touch for more--until then, thanks for your suggestions. Sean B.

Terrific. Thanks Beth! Getting lots of compliments today.  :). You're the best. Jill S.

Ah ha! You're a dynamo. How do you know all this stuff??? Paul N.

“Beth, you're amazing. You listened carefully but kept us on task and moving forward. I loved that your approach was not about working with "where I am at" but rather with "a whole new vision." It was a great (and exhausting) experience. I am typing this while wearing my "new look".” Karen F.

Before & After, from SC casual to SF CHIC! Thank you! Pamela K.

LOVE those Beth Alyse's patented cool cuffs! Jo B.

Hi Beth! Happy Monday! I hope you are doing well and feeling good, I just wanted to write to tell you how much I really enjoyed our day together! Your great advice, honesty and support were all very much needed and appreciated :) And you were right, that hair treatment has changed my life!! So even though I'm running errands this morning in my "active" pajamas, my hair looks cute and I put that cute gray jacket on ;) Keep me posted on the little man and how you are doing, I can't wait to meet him!!! Melissa F.

Thank you so much for yesterday, it was awesome. Thank you and thanks again for all your hard work and support! Terri C.

So great: I just had to let you know that I'm now the NEW SALES MANAGER of Stevens Creek BMW - I feel like you giving me the confidence I needed really helped with that - so wanted to thank you. I'm now the boss of all the men I was worried about--LOL!! Tiffani W.

Thanks for showing women their beauty.  That's good healing for the earth. Colleen D.

Hello, Beth Alyse! I've been meaning to write you -- I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated our time together! I love my whole "look" and Steve is *very* impressed!  I have had tons and tons of compliments from my co-workers and friends about the great clothes and the new hair!  Thank you so much for helping me get a "look" that feels so much more like ME.  What a great experience and you were so good at helping me expand my 'clothes horizons'.  I've worn the black jacket with the leather-y sleeves a bunch of times and always get compliments on it.  It looks great; as does everything we bought. So - thanks again a million times over. I love everything! Looking forward to working together again sometime! Take care - Anne W.

I have to tell you: I look amazing in that last video and set design was equally gorgeous. See you next Thursday from 11-2 and Dec 4 from 12-2. Looking forward to it! Laura R.

We had a fascinating conversation about clothing and presentation at dinner and Henry said he is taken aback by Darryn's clothes. She seems more feminine and younger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bob said "Henry, you sound smitten!" I wishwishwishwish you had been there! Joanne S.

You're even better than they said you were...and they said you're AMAZING! Yelena J.

Beth, you transformed me in more ways than attire and hair and eyeliner! Thank you so much for showing me how to wear clothes that fit. I am so grateful to you! Kate K.

I look a lot cooler! JC H.

We make works of art!! Katie M.

Had a fab time at my reunion. I felt so glam. One former classmate asked if I was on TV :). Thanks to you!! Sophie B.

Cool fact: I have yet to wear the Cole Haan shoes you bought me WITHOUT getting an unsolicited compliment from a complete stranger. My physical therapist asked me to pass on a compliment to you on your excellent choice of clothes for me :) Krish R.

You never know who you're going to meet and I am so happy I met you. Kate K.

With Thanks. I am on BART with bags of shoes, clothes,  and makeup, just what I wanted to accomplish today. I will send you a long email when I get home and put it all together. You were wonderful and the whole process was like  nothing I have ever done. I hope you have a great night and thank again. Robyn C.

Beth, I had a great time today. Thanks :) ! Stamina ! You had an invisible whip in your hand, I had no choice but to run :)..keeping jokes aside, I had fun today and look forward to our next session. Ashwin S.

Appreciate you!! Elarnie D.

Showed up at work with new hair, dress, and boots. Am told that I look professional and smart. Woot! Sarah R.

Thanks for giving my sweetie a great haircut! Margaret D.

Had a great time yesterday, and relived it unpacking everything this morning! I'm going to get online today and tell the world! Darryn H.

I am now finally and officially getting rid of ALL of my pre-Guerrilla clothing! :) Never even used them in a year now. Thanks for making my life so awesome! Clothing style is very powerful. Krish R.

Thanks for your services yesterday. Yvonne and my mom were so happy in 'their own skin'. Only better. :-)Nowell

Thanks a million for yesterday. So much fun, so much new thoughts! The session has changed my thinking quite a bit. I am very greatful for what it did to my interest and attitude towards style/clothes. My partner thinks you are a style genius! ;) Love his reaction to the new me. Thank you again. Eva A.

It was a wonderful experience. You delivered in spades. Mike L.

Thanks for your clear communication! Nate C.

Thank you so much again! Alex S.

Thnx Beth. Love my outfits ..... Especially the dresses. My husband loved them. Really digging the hair so far.

Hi Beth! A few days ago I gave my husband, Allen, a "fashion show" of my new clothes and he really liked them, especially the coral dress, but all of them really. He's normally a reserved kind of guy, so afterwards he made a point to say it again, "I don't know if I conveyed it or not the first time, but I REALLY like your new look." I got a couple more bras at our local Macy's here and learned that there is a huge variation in sizing!! They all fit so differently. I was thinking I might need to order online, but now I wouldn't trust that I'd get the right size without trying it on first. The two that I got with you at Macy's in San Francisco still fit the best of all. Yesterday was my poetry group and all seven of my poetry sisters wanted to know all about the makeover experience.  We had a "hats and tea" gathering -- a little dressier than usual --so I wore my blue/coral multi print dress. They were fascinated about how the correct sizes for bras and clothes made such a difference, and when I told them about needing some color one cheered, and said "Yes, all that beige you were wearing just washes you out!"  So it was a lot of fun, and Alice took a photo of our whole group, plus the one of me in my dress and jacket that I have attached. Take care. Love and hugs,  Suzanne

See how good you are!? You did that in like fifteen seconds!
Becca Y.

Hi Beth Alyse, Thank you again for such an amazing experience. I am really excited that I have a brand new wardrobe and I can't wait to show my outfits off!  Also, I am so happy with how my skin looks and that I have bras that fit. I wanted to let you know that my mom loves what you were able to do!  She loves the clothes and really likes the color schemes and fit. She is really impressed that my face is no longer red and that you were able to do this look with minimal make-up and without foundation.  Plus, she is thrilled that I have bras that fit me. I plan to schedule another session with you this summer.  We can do my hair :). Thank you! Rebecca B.

To Beth: the stylist with a heart. You've been working so hard with put you heart into it! And that shows. Suzanne F.

Thanks again for a great trip yesterday! Katie M.

Hi Beth,I just wanted to thank you for the lovely day I had with you! I also wanted to let you know that my husband loves everything else I was a very educational and fun experience. Hope you are doing well. Cindy J.

Have appt with Jaz next Friday. Following my stylist's advice (I feel like a celebrity saying that ;) Dayala L.'re GOOD! Darryn H.

Hi Beth, I was a speaker at a client conference last week and received a lot of compliments but the best part was that I felt great, really confident and did not have any nagging doubts (as I typically do) about whether I looked the part. THANKS! Sri D.

Thank you for being you. You were a pleasant and much needed surprise. Don't forget to watch Calamity Jane.:) .....thank you. Tiffani W.

I would love to collaborate with you in the future. I thought you captured the girls' personalities perfectly! They really had so much fun, and you gave them such great information about skin care--lifelong lessons!  I really appreciate that your makeovers were age appropriate and you didn't make them out to look 30 years old. It was perfect. Jenny H.


Those photos are amazing! It's hard to believe that's me. Thank you so much. I posted them on Facebook and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments! FYI, I've been being invited to parties all weekend. I went from sitting at home with my puppy to everyone inviting me places! It's crazy! I just passed on of my coworkers in the street and he's like "Wow! I dig it!" So far ppl love the star you carved into my hair: "That's cool", "I like it", and the best one: "...Is that a scar?" Chris R.

It appears I've become known around the office for my shoes and dresses! Gretchen H.

So, I have a girlfriend! She is style-obsessed, and super feminine, and I love it! One of the first confessions I made to her was that I used your services ;) Krish R.

New look time.. yaay!! Thanks for your service today, Beth. I am looking through the products to see what they do, and notice lots of new ground to cover and implement...looks promising. Thanks!! Sai K.

The dates went very well - had a fun time thanks to your valuable tips! Thanks as always, Beth! You rock!!! :) Vin A.

Hi Beth!! Thank you again for helping me yesterday....I really like the tips for make up you gave's easy and looks so natural!! Also my mom reallyyy liked the haircut :) Nicky T.

By the way met two friends for lunch yesterday in the polka dot dress and black blazer.  One said I looked like a model! Awesome!!!!!! You're my new BFF! :-) Karen S.

How do you have such a good eye?! You just KNOW!! I've never tried on so many Yeses in my life, and it's because you're picking them out--I've never had this kind of success! You have such a great eye. I had such a great day. I just spent really concentrated time and got a bunch of things I know I'm gonna wear. Let's keep going! Sophie B.

Beth! It was such a pleasure to work with you and get to know you a little. I so appreciated your expertise and your company, and have rocked one of my new outfits so far. Very 21st century. Take care! -Regan D.

I love this makeup!! I'm used to cringing looking at the mirror but I've totally been checking myself out! Laura T.

This is me in the locker room at work before my big reveal. Check out which outfit I chose! (I even put on mascara) ;-) Thank you so much! Haha! This is fun! Karen S.

Hi Beth! Thank you so much for your very detailed and helpful reply! I appreciate the suggestions for my daughter. I'm excited to be able to point her to the right products and pass along the things you taught me, because I know at her age I did it all wrong! Thanks again! Yuki S.

I just wanted to thank you. My husband likes everything we bought and gives a big two thumbs up! Felicia S.

MAY THE BLESSINGS RAIN ON EACH OF YOU!!! I rocked my straightened hair for three days...You are PROS and rightly so. Thanks again for the fun!!! Alex and Beth be Blessed! <3 Rosanna R.

Hi Beth Alyse,Wanted to drop a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the makeover today. My family was very happy with my new look. My son told me he liked my boots -- sweet boy. I feel a confidence I haven't felt in a long time. I don't want to wear my dreary old clothes one minute longer. I very much look forward to our next session :) Have a great week! Karen W.

Good morning Beth. I wanted to say unequivocally you have been amazing. Seriously. I can't thank you enough. You're great at what you do and don't be surprised if you hear from me again! Adele R.

Thanks, Beth! I like your advice :) Ashwin A.

Hey Beth, it's Vin. Wish you great success and joy in the New Year! Thanks to you - I am enjoying my new look :)... I look forward to staying in touch and reaching out for fashion tips. Cheers! Vin A.

I am beyond happy--I'm DELIGHTED! Shona S.

My dress was a huge hit and my hair surprised everyone. Yeah! It was a good time. Katy B.

Thanks! Wore my skinny gray jeans, new blouse and the brown leather coat to dinner tonight (oh yeah, with the gray boots) and I noticed a few guys checkin' me out!! LOVED it, LOL. Liz L.

I'm looking forward to working together again. You were soooo good to work with and your efforts were much appreciated. Carole R.

Hi Beth, just wanted to say thanks again for working with me last week. The clothes are working out well and I'm going to be going back in for a follow up on hair early next week; I like how things have turned out! Reid C.

Yup yup the pants look great! The shoes were a hit -- many complements ! Excited my wardrobe is coming together! Litty T.

I'm happy to know I don't have to be cold all winter to look nice! Yuki M

I know I look good when every woman on the street scans me from top to bottom...Had a girl stop me on the street and tell me she loved my outfit yesterday. Yesterday I walked into some waiting room in Chicago. A bunch of women came from behind the counter to look at my shoes after some guy in front complimented me! Krish R.

Gracias for everything! Thank you again! I need for jeans like that! They made me feel cute! My mom is so happy! Thanks to you and Alex! Rosanna P.

Thanks....You provide fantastic service...Sooooo glad I found you! I am surprised at how good I feel...I may need to this more frequently. Ann W.

Hi Beth! My clothes package arrived today. Cannot wait to model them all for my friends. Thanks for your assistance. Ann W.

So my ex-boyfriend in Las Vegas bit on my plea for a place to stay and airport transportation. I was wearing the purple dress when I landed....could not wait to see his reaction. It was great....he was totally salivating!  He couldn't believe what had happened to me since I moved. That'll teach him!!! Felt great! Ann W.

I can't believe what you managed to do for's like a kind of Magic! You were so great with me! Thank you so much...this change is a process and I know it will take a little time. Ann W.

I have to tell you what you did was MAGICAL. Last night I went to that party and everyone kept giving me compliments on my hair, my clothes and even on my makeup. I never have this much compliments before!!!! Thank you so much :) Mandy W.

A random guy who just moved here from France just stopped me, held my shoulders, and told me I looked perfect. He said "Perfection!" again and again. Oh and about 25 compliments on my hat so far. Love my new money clip, too :) And suddenly also getting an extreme number of complements on my watch!!! Krish R.

"I never like men's shoes but I love yours" said a nurse at my doctors office today. Krish

Hi Beth, thanks again for the closet cleanout last weekend - exhausting and very satisfying! See you soon. Jason M.

I love your energy! Tayfun O

You are the best. Meg L

Can't wait to see you again very soon. You're in my thoughts (and my closet) a lot :-) Alice R.

Comment from random woman in target checkout line: "I love your outfit" She said it 3 times because I didn't even realize she was saying it to me the first two times. Kris H.

Comment from a guy this weekend: "once I graduate next year and get a job, I aspire to have style like you." Another comment from coworker yesterday: "you are so brightly colored, but somehow it is so you. I could never pull it off." It's all thanks to you ;)Krish R.

The hair: Everyone LOVES it, including Facebook friends. Dyuti S.

Receptionist's comment: "If I were a dude I would wear the hell out of your shoes" Krish R.

Thanks for everything... I am putting my new skillz to work! Laura M

Got called "Mr. Fashion Forward" by this girl I like...Got called "very GQ" by my receptionist...About 15 compliments on shoes, 5 on pants, 1 on shirt. Hmmmm..Krish R

Me in acting class! :) FYI got four compliments on shoes alone including from a random woman on street and both women in my acting class. Krish R

I'm glad I'm an endurance athlete!" Denise M.

Thank you so much for a fantastic session on Sunday. I'm so impressed by your multitude of skills, your intuition, and your obvious true love and passion of what you do in your business. I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciate your advice and help that gives me so much joy, hope, and self confidence. Bonne nuit. Alice R.

Hey! Thank you again for Friday. I had a great time...Leslie N.

My mom wore some of the beautiful clothes you helped me pick for me -- but she also just looked so great in them -- for her 50th wedding anniversary, and she said she felt so incredibly good. She truly looked 20 years younger, and she was radiant, She couldn't stop talking about the clothes.I can't thank you enough! Alice R.

OMG I love my skinny black jeans. LOVE. Elise L.

You're a magician! Kate K.

We look great! I love you!!!!!!!! I feel so hot and you are responsible! I LOVE YOU and you are so good at what you do. Katie H.

I had so much fun shopping with you yesterday!! I bought the tights and boots online last night. Great day with you again, you have so many talents! Alice R.

People at dinner tonight loved the shoes. Btw as I said earlier I loved working with you. It was awesome! Kent Q.

Thank you so much for your help!! I picked up my clothes today and got some more. I feel very confident about my wardrobe and my makeup too! My skin also feels fantastic!!!! Fiona B.

Ya shoulda seen me before. Bharat

Just got compliment on the green dress with beaded collar... completely unexpected! Katy B.

I'm super happy with the items we picked up and I look forward to working with you next month! Cheers! Tom H.

I'm not as self-conscious--I like the clothes and how I feel! Janel M.

I love my makeover. I feel better about myself than I have in years. I want others to feel the same way! Nicole L.

Beth Alyse, just wanted to let you know I love the look with the cuff and earrings! At first I thought they would look weird with my Pats jersey, but the  leather jacket brings it all together and makes me look polished-casual instead of slobby-sporty! You work magic!! Letitia L.

Beth, I feel dressed up but I still feel like ME...and that's so unusual for me. Katy B.

You're, like, a Social Mechanic!

Hi Beth, many thanks for the session yesterday! I am feeling good about the purge! You mentioned the "emergency service" ie. texting a photo of an outfit. I love this idea of having you be able to take a look! Thanks! Hannah G.