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Watch Live as we give Justin Kan a Head-to-Toe Makeover for MTV!

Now you can experience an entire Guerrilla Makeover from the comfort of your own device! Come along for the ride as we give a Head-to-Toe Style Makeover to Internet celeb Justin Kan.

In March of 2007, Justin Kan publicly declared his intention to broadcast every minute of his life to a live Internet audience via a web-cam attached to his hat (Guerrilla Makeovers gave the look a thumbs up). His concept garnered a lot of media attention, and by the time we met up with him the buzz had begun to develop into a frenzy. As the press's new darling, Justin was suddenly in the living rooms of billions of viewers all around the world, and he found himself in serious need of some help with his image. That's where we came in...

Take a look and watch how we turned Justin Kan from a regular guy in a polo shirt into a super cool international celebrity, in just 4 hours...Live! The 24/7 World of

Justin show meets Today show

Justin Kan, the 23-year-old San Francisco "lifecaster" sensation who claims to have netted 1 million page views while live broadcasting his entire life on the Web for the past two weeks at, had his first national media appearance on Monday's Today Show. A three-minute segment and two-minute interview added up to five golden minutes of national mainstream exposure for the young Internet phenom.

On YouTube, you can check out Justin filming the Today Show camera crew with live streams from a camera attached to his head. The occasion? Getting stood up by a blind date for the second time in as many days.

But that brief letdown was a minor disappointment compared with how Kan felt about the stilted interview with Today co-host Ann Curry. Among Curry's old-media questions: Does Kan imagine as "MySpace in video." She also probed why a physics and philosophy major from Yale feels comfortable going to the bathroom and taking a shower in front of his viewing public.

Kan, in his customary well-spoken baritone, politely explained that he is trying to create "a new genre of media" and that he has "never had any regrets putting the show out there."

"I wouldn't have done it if I wasn't comfortable about giving people live video of what I'm doing 24/7," Kan told Curry.

"What makes you comfortable?" Curry asked.

"What makes me comfortable?" Kan repeated, perplexed.

Curry signed off telling Justin to "keep your shirt on, buddy."

You get the picture.

Kan returned home to his buddies who handle the technical and business side of to complain about getting up at 3 a.m. for such "irritating" questions. Just one of the upsides of having a network and an audience of your own.

Fortunately for Kan, later on Monday, an MTV crew rolled into the apartment to film a day in the life of Also on the media appearance schedule this week: Nightline and World New Tonight. A booker called from the Tonight Show, but no word yet from Kan's idol, Jon Stewart.

Kan's sense of style on Monday got a "Guerrilla Makeover" courtesy of new sponsor, Signature Days.

(Apparently his fashion rut wasn't solved with the earlier appearance of a style consultant who took him around to San Francisco boutiques).

Kan admits to this makeover specialist that he has a closet full of polo shirts and, in high school, he wore a particularly uncomfortable pair of silver jeans that were "like, horrible." Kan hasn't shopped much for clothes in the past year, but says, "I'm all about exploring new stuff." His favorite colors: blue, white, some black and lots of pink, which is "punk rock," the specialist tells him. He prefers red accents to wearing lots of red. His first cool piece of clothing: a denim jacket when he was 13 years old. His favorite college items: ripped jeans and aviator sunglasses.

"Everything you do and wear and express is going to be scrutinized by a lot of people," she tells Kan. "Put some thought into things that you put on your body." Because he's an Internet celebrity, he can "go off the rails" with his style instead of following fads, she said.

The good news: Kan's new signature look, ball cap with camera to the side, works for him, the makeover specialist told him. Macy's fit the bill for both the hip and casual party and more polished elevator pitch looks the specialist wanted for him and his new 24/7 celebrity.

From his current wardrobe, she particularly dug the T-shirt that Kan, a former DJ, made from slip mats that spelled out on an old T-shirt.

Later, Kan learned the importance of a gentle "skin regimen" and the meaning of "exfoliate" at a snazzy San Francisco salon.

Maybe the new look will help Kan with the girls.

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Extreme reality tv

Imagine every second of your life being available for all to see. Now not just most seconds but every single second down to dates and going to the bathroom. Justin Kan has agreed to wear a camera clipped on to a hat 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Anyone can log on to and watch every second of Justin’s life. They have been live for two weeks now and the viewer rate seems to be continually rising. Some of his archive videos include when Justin met a rapper, cleaning up after a party, and also footage of Justin sleeping. is taking reality TV to a whole new level.

To help keep Justin’s viewers happy, Signature Days has created a partnership with to send Justin on a handful of our experiences in the Bay area. His first experience, a Guerrilla Makeover, is scheduled for today. This will be live from 1:00-4:00PM (pacific). Justin has expressed interest in our shooting experience, vintage fire engine tour, paragliding, limo tours and many more. Stay tuned to to watch Justin experience his Guerrilla Makeover, as well as he continues to enjoy some great Signature Days experiences over the course of the next few weeks.

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