Now you can experience an entire Guerrilla Makeover from the comfort of your own browser! Come along for the ride as we give a Style Makeover to regular guy and Internet celeb Justin Kan, of

In March of 2007, Justin Kan publicly declared his intention to broadcast every minute of his life to a live Internet audience via a web-cam attached to his hat (Guerrilla Makeovers gave the look a thumbs up). His concept garnered a lot of media attention, and by the time we met up with him the buzz had just begun to develop into a frenzy. As the press's new darling, Justin was suddenly in the living rooms of billions of viewers all around the world, and he found himself in serious need of some help with his image. That's where we came in...

Take a look and watch how we turned from a regular guy in a polo shirt into a super cool international celebrity, in just 4 hours...Live!

"Fashion is the attempt to realize art in living forms.”
-Francis Bacon