Guerrilla Makeovers

"Thank you so much for everything. I have on my "new look" today and everyone is in shock. Getting so many compliments it is embarrassing...I feel like a million bucks!"
-Barb T.

"You did a wonderful job of reading my mind...You got things that suit me and at the same time things that I like. I love the way I look - just the way I wanted."
-Siri G.

"You have a great eye! Thanks for leading the way today."
-Molly C.

"I had an absolutely awesome time with you! Very much looking forward to our next meeting. My new look is easy and so comfy! Several people noticed which was WAY cool, and so far, lots of compliments on my ensemble. Thanks!”
-Angie F.

“You really made my day! My hair looks so nice, and I love my cute little outfits. My makeup is very pretty, too, and easy for me to do. I look so good and it feels great to be noticed. Thanks again for all your hard work!”
-Valerie T.

"I have to tell you, what Morghan did was MAGICAL. Last night I went to a party and everyone kept giving me compliments on my hair, my clothes and even on my makeup. I've never had this many compliments before!!!! Thank you so much :)"
-Mandy W.

"The wardrobe is starting to come together for me, and bottom line is that it was great fun! Everyone likes my outfits, and I've been getting comments. I'm eager to get together to do some more fine-tuning and fill out the wardrobe a little more...I'm liking the result. I'm glad I found you. :-)"
-Tom S.

“I am totally awestruck with my new wardrobe and hairstyle. You were amazing picking out the right colors and right stuff for me. You made a huge difference and I am starting to develop a whole new perspective in shopping for myself!”
-Sridevi G.

"Thank you again for your help…that was an awesome experience! I really love your approach to wearing clothes that flatter, reveal and express who you really are."
-Elaine A.

"When I arrived home from our session my husband was blown away and told me my hair and makeup looked absolutely stunning. It was so much fun to meet with you and get ideas about what to look for, what to avoid, and how to draw out my best features! Now that I know what to buy, I bet I've gone clothes shopping four times in the last two weeks as opposed to my usual routine of once every two years or so. I have also decided, based on our conversations, that I will no longer wear or buy any clothes that are not cute, ever! Thanks again for all your help. I had such a fun time with you.
-Meigan A.

"Thanks so much for all of your time and advice. My husband *loved* the makeup (and he rarely notices). I had a lot of fun!"
-Molly P.

"Just wanted to say thank you again! It’s been so great seeing my fiancé in all his new outfits and everything you picked out for me has also been great. We are getting so excited about going on vacation, not only because we will be in Hawaii but also because when we are there we are going to be looking so good! We'll see you in the Fall--we will both be doing wardrobe updates.
-Rosa K and Dave W

"Wendy was very impressed by you. After she left, she said "You know, if she was a crackpot, I was going to say something. But, whatever you're paying her, she's worth it. She knows what she's talking about." 
-Rebecca M.

"I just wanted to thank you again for our makeover! My mom and I had a great time and learned a lot :) Thank you again! We had a wonderful time and I feel like I came home with a clearer understanding of how to express my personal style.  Maybe I will have to go visit you again to determine my summer look!"
-Krisy E.

"I think of you every day when I dress and I can't wait to get back to updating my image!"
-Wendy K.

"Status Update: I have a hot-ass husband. DAMN."
-Jennifer A.

"Thanks so much for the time you took on me yesterday. It was a whirlwind day and I was exhausted by the time I got home--we accomplished a lot! I really enjoyed meeting you. I want to thank you again for your services
-Chris N. 

"I just wanted to follow up with you. We had a lot of fun and my mom's enjoying playing with her new look. Thanks for all your help!
-Kelly N.

"I had a wonderful time yesterday. Thanks for your support and expertise. I'm loving my new look and can't wait to expand upon it. My partner was excited about the new clothes, especially the jacket and ties. It turns out we're going to the opera in April, so it'll be fun to dress up! The folks at school were quite complimentary as well. I wore the tan shirt with the grey vest and felt fantastic, and one of my students walked up and said, "That vest is awesome." So thanks again for everything!"
-Charles A.

"I loved meeting you and watching you do your magic!"
-Eleyna F.

"I wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful time! I had so much fun, and loved being led so knowledgeably from place to place. I really look great and it made a huge difference."
-Kelli P.

"THANK YOU THANK YOU! I just wanted to say thank you again for everything.  I’m getting compliments daily, and today the bums on Market cat called at me as I walked to work, so I guess you got the look right! :)"
-Shanna T.

"Oh, Beth, I feel so pretty now! Thank you, dear!! XOXO!"
-Avery R.

"Beth Alyse is fabulous! She's very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and creative."
-Vera D.

"WOW!!! SMOKEN HOT!!! Great job, he looks amazing!'
-Alex T.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful makeover!!! What a learning experience for me...I will have my eyes wide open the next time i go shopping."
-Susan M.

"Thanks so much for helping my husband with his makeover. He looks great with his new clothes and haircut. It really makes a difference. You did a wonderful job!"
-Heather M.

"Thank you again for a great afternoon in San Francisco. I'm wearing one outfit today with rave reviews. Let's do it again sometime!"
-Karen S.

"I have been getting mucho compliments about the clothing...everything from "snappy" to "snazzy." When I walked into class last night the professor stopped teaching and said, "Whoa, Allan looks really sharp tonight!"
-Allan N.

"Thanks for the gift certificate. I had a great time. You are fast and professional and effective...perfect! Remarks at the wedding: "GORGEOUS." How do you like that?"
-Leslie G.

Ever since our meeting, I have felt happier and more alive than I have in a long time. In fact, I was thinking that I would volunteer at Career Closet to help low-income women prepare for their job interviews and select their outfits. Since you helped me get back on track after I had a number of setbacks, I thought it would be fun to "pay it forward" and help other women too.
-Megan C.

"You've given me the tools for a successful fashion safari. Search and destroy!"
-Sherban D.

My family is STILL talking about their makeovers. Shelley looks fabulous and when she shops she's still taking all your advice. It was a wonderful experience. My deepest appreciation.
-Ryan L.

"Thanks again for the makeover and all the help figuring out what to wear!"
-Janell K

"Just wanted to say a big 'Thank You!' for changing my entire wardrobe, and probably my entire outlook on life around :) I've been doing so much better now! Hope all is well!"
-Jason W.

"I am sold on your skills!"
-Sunita B.

"You have given me a totally new outlook into my closet. I've been having so much fun with my new dresses and pearls. I open my closet now and I'm like what shall I do today, and I'm genuinely excited to get dressed, as opposed to the ho hum, how am I going to do this today. My husband's fave look is the navy dress. He said it's classic Heather, so kudos to you for recognizing that."
-Heather H.

"Thank you again for a great afternoon!  We both had a fantastic time! My wife had her job interview today and looked wonderful...which made her feel even more confident. Hoping to catch up wtih you again in the early spring...Thanks again!"
-Tim P.

"I just wanted to say thanks again for the Sunday afternoon you spent with us. You and Nicole are fabulous, awesome and spectaular! My daughter said she wants to book an appointment in the spring and I told her I would love to join in too. I have received so many compliments since coming home and the results are worth the investment.. You both exceeded my expectations and I felt stongly that you both deserved excellent posts. Thanks again...and we will see you in the Spring!"
-Libby E.

"Thank you again for a great day.  I'm really excited about playing around with my wardrobe and new additions. It seems like a small thing, but it was monumental for me to finally see dressing myself  as a legitimate art and hobby! I used to think I wasted time thinking about clothes, now I'll embrace at it as being creative. And you made me feel comfortable trusting my I want to make every outfit a statement. My new style is going to be eclectic and inventive. You've created a fashion monster!"
-Amy C.

"Hope all's well with you.  Thanks again for such a fun time sorting through all my clothes, dialing me in with great looks, etc. I've been getting compliments on my "style." :)"
-Will H.

"Thanks for the fashion tips, it was a fun experience! I've already gotten a bunch of comments. It was super fun trying on all the different styles that I would not have normally tried on. Thanks again!"
-Christine W.

"Hey: just ordered the compression shirts. I'd never have thought of them. You're so clever!"
-Alex P.

"Thanks so much for the style visit. My friend loved her surprise so much. I can't wait for my own makeover!"
-Joy A.

"You will be so proud of me...I went shopping recently and I have been getting compliments on my outfits! This drunk guy on Market St. said I looked very cute, and you know what? I chose to believe him! No seriously, he did, but sober people have liked them too. :)"
-Alex A.

"I was so happy with our work together that I talked about it to anyone who would listen!"
-Rebecca M.

"I am really happy with all the work we've done together! My daily experience is that I can pick one thing in my wardrobe that I want to wear and then quickly pull together the rest of the pieces and walk out the door feeling pulled together and appropriate. And I still feel that way after I arrive and throughout the day. This is a MAJOR confidence builder and also is just simplifying my life tremendously. So I am really, really glad that we put in all the effort!"
-Katy B.

"Thanks so much for your generous help, gentle heart, and pure genius."
-Geoff K.

"I owe you so many thanks and have so much to say about our day and your wonderful treatment of my clients that it’s become a monumental task. So how about—for now—thanks for changing my life!"
-Jon P.

"I have to thank you so much for the other day. It was completely worth it! I got a compliment immediately from my friend for my outfit at the dinner party. And I didn't tell her that I had just got it that day! I took my hat off to sit at the table and toward the end of the evening she was wearing it.  And then her date was wearing it. It was so cute, and I was so proud!!  I also got a hug and a quick peck on the cheek when I left. I guess I'm coming along! The jeans are great. I can't believe I thought they were too tight when I first put them on. I definitely warmed up to them. I hope this note finds you warm and well!"
-Christopher H.

"Just wanted to tell you that on my first day of work today, I received about 5 compliments on the coat I bought...:))) kudos to ur awesome eye for fashion!"
-Terry N.

"So I had a wonderful style people so great, you're an angel! And thank you again...your taste is amazing!! You are my angel of style!!"
-Amanda S.

"Heeeey...OMG! He looks great! It was nice meeting you. My husband feels very empowered to dress himself well now. I'm excited to see how he runs with it. Thank you!"
-Marijane L.

"So great to have our time together; it was a lot of fun and I feel like I made great in roads in the new and improved me! Would still like to do skin care and make up with you! Thanks!"
-Kate R.

"Love wife had an awesome time.Thanks for making it special."
-Jed S.

"Wow! I can't believe the fabulous finds you guys got...and so HER! My other daughter's stuff was very "her" as well...she's a trifle more conservative..and her stuff is perfect too. Thanks again!"
-Maureen L.

"I had to tell you, I went to my parents last week and my own mom said "What's up with your face? You look prettier but i can't put my finger on it..what's going on?" Teeheehee. It was such a pleasure working and talking with you today, what a BLAST!!  I feel absolutely great! I would really love it if you could come and repurpose my existing wardrobe and tell me if there's anything I should just donate haha.  I would also love to work on accessorizing once I get the hang of this new look. :) Thanks a bunch!!"
-Terri Y.

"You did my makeup and the color was perfect...after 20 years I finally got a perfect match with you!"
-Lois S.

"Thanks again for yesterday. My wardrobe is fully stocked! Thanks!"
-Ralph C.

"I wanted to thank you for the outfit you pulled together for me for New Year's Eve. I got lots of great compliments last night! PS: I bought that fedora after all and was shocked by how well it went off...I never would have tried it! Cheers!"
-Chirag K.

"It's interesting...I feel much better and hold my posture better when I'm well dressed--that's what I'm noticing the most. And that when I get organized to dress well, the morning routine goes fast!"
-Kelly S.

"I am very happy with the results from yesterday. Wore the gray dress with tights and did my daytime makeup :) You were so easy and fun to work with yesterday. Love that the makeup techniques are so simple and effective!"
-Nevena R.

"Thanks for getting me ready for my 20th high school reunion. It was really fun! The lipstick held up well, too :) Everyone talked to me and said I looked hot, and one guy wants to set me up with his best friend...Thanks to you!"
-Heather B.

"I am loving my new hair style and you have turned me into a total dress lover. Thank you so much for everything!!! I really appreciated the way you were my advocate because you really had an understanding of where I was coming from. Just like in my profession there are patient advocates--you were my style advocate, and it was great! You really made those subtle changes which made a tremendous difference. Plus after working with you I really trusted your sense--and why I came to you. I am feeling better style-wise, like I am coming into the 21st century. You have made a HUGE difference not just in style but in ease of getting myself together in the morning. I would love to work with you again and I have started spreading the word about your fabulousness. I am trying to get some of my gal friends together for a clothing swap that you have listed on your website. Long story short- Thank you very much! You are so great at what you do! Hugs!
-Pattye T.

"I did a Couples Makeover with my husband with you on our anniversary earlier this year. Some guy stopped us on the street on our way to dinner and asked if we were with Dancing with the Stars. :)"
-Ryann Y.

"Was just mistaken for gay. You ARE good :-)."
-Jon P.

"The guys at work who talk say "WOW..." The women say, "You look great! Where'd you get those shoes...those clothes...that haircut..?" And lately all my colleagues and vendors keep asking me if I'd like to get lunch!"
-Jina S.

"Thanks again for all your input and creativity...the results were incredible!"
-Rebecca B.

"I wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help. What a whirlwind! I have been really happy with my hair and makeup and am anxiously waiting for my new clothes to arrive! My husband is fairly low key about these things, but seems to really like my hair and I have been getting lots of positive comments from everyone at work. Most people don’t even recognize me from a’s so funny and lots of fun to see their faces! I really appreciate all of your help and I’m looking forward to getting more help with glasses, undergarments, etc, etc. Thanks again!"
-Belinda E.

"Love my new bag! Really enjoyed my session with you."
-Patricia T.

"Thanks so much for spending time with me and guiding me through the hair, makeup, and clothes maze. You made the whole process very approachable and I appreciate immensely the integrity you brought to it. And I've gotten compliments on my hair cut and color which I'm happy about. Thanks again!"
-Mary S.

"You would not believe how cute I am today, I cannot even stand it. I love Morghan!"
-Kate N.

"Thanks again for the marathon session. I've been trying to incorporate your wise teachings into my choices...Thanks so much!"
-Kristine S.

"I am back in my little studio, very happy to try on everything I bought. I had a safe journey and was really happy to see my 3 children (all taller than I) welcoming me at the station. They liked my new look and I felt great with my blue long skirt and the blue son said I was modern! I sincerely appreciated this day. You gave me self-confidence and I trusted everything you said. I liked what I saw of me in your way of talking. I am especially happy with the shoes that did not hurt my feet after 45 minutes walking on my way back. Moreover, I feel so much younger with my haircut. I wish you to continue for a long time helping people find their way to feeling better. Thank you very much!'
-Annelise P.

"My jeans are working great. They are super-comfortable! I also really love all the t-shirts...great choices! I get a lot of compliments on my bright red shoes from women. And I've gotten compliments on my shirts from five guys (I'll take what I'll get...) I just went in today to get one more pair of jeans and also bought 6 more t-shirts. I think I'll go back and stock up on even more over time. I should do this every year! ."
-Krish R.

"My daughter looks so great and I can see a boost in her confidence. Thanks!"
-Joanna K.

"Beth, was so great seeing you. We sure got a lot accomplished!!! I love that you're taking me out of my shell. I'd never have done it without you. :) Thanks again for EVERYTHING, your guidance is beyond awesome."
-Cathy W.

"I thought it might be worth sharing that I'm in Portland today wearing my long black skirt, studded boots, Monterey t-shirt, and leather jacket...and I feel pretty and pretty darn cool! Good work! Thank you, Beth!!  I am awed at how amazingly you do your job."
-Krisanne P.

"Very fun afternoon with you yesterday. Thank you! It was good working with you. I have a much better idea how to choose my clothing. I'm also able to go through the rest of my clothes with a better eye to judge whether to keep or toss the pieces we didn't get to. It feels good to be clearing more than 30 pieces out of my closet! Based on your assessment, all that you rejected are going back, and today I donated all items in the definite "toss" pile. I'll steer clear of unflattering cuts from here on out. Thank you, Beth. Good job."
-Judith F.

"Thank you for everything, it was a fun, busy day! Love my hair. I love the skinny black jeans – can’t believe how well they look! And love the little  jacket! I am glad I took the day off yesterday. Talk to you soon."
-Nancy S

"Thank you so much for Thursday. Had so much fun. Love my hair. No one has seen me yet except my parents - they loved it. Have on my skinny jeans, long grey very thin Jim Pearse t-shirt, with my black boyfriend jacket and scarf. Meeting my two nephews and their girlfriends for lunch today and feel great. I love how you take me out of my comfort zone and the small box I put myself in. Plan to be more adventurous and maybe even go back to online dating. Hugs!"
-Barb T.

"Thanks for today!! I'm excited to look at my loot once i regain energy. That's tough work! Lets do it again. Soon."
-Vida K.

"So far my husband, daughter, and grocery clerk have seen my new look and the feedback has definitely been positive. I’m about to hop in the shower and looking forward to styling my new haircut for the very first time myself. And, I’m in love with my new purse and computer bag!!! The dresses too. I can’t thank you enough for the hand holding and encouragement, you guys are the best! See you soon :)"
-Kathy W.

"Beth! You're amazing!"
-Rebecca R.

"Thank you so much. I love everything that we got together. I was just looking at my receipts and I was blown away by how much I got for so little. I can't wait to do it again once the baby is born!"
-Marquis S.

"I had a great time today.  I was amazed at how fast the time went."
-Bharat M.

"We had a great time...thank you! Both Rosemary and myself are very pleased with our purchases and we would never have done it without your guidance. Now I am just working at finding events to wear my new clothes to! Thanks again, Beth.  I enjoyed meeting you and found our time together to be very productive. I will be spreading the word. Take care."
-Ann G.

"So, I'm in Pasadena right now on the sidewalk, and a car-load of (pretty) girls just unrolled their window and hollered, "We love your outfit!" as they drove by. You're awesome :)"
-Melanie D.

"I had a great time shopping with you. Thank you so much. I like all the things we bought. I have been selected for a on-site interview and might move to Seattle. I would like to you to be my image consultant in future where ever I am. Thanks!"
-Ashwin M.

"You are flat-out awesome at your job and an all-around cool person. Thanks for all of your work and time with me. I am ready for the challenge! Thanks thanks thanks! And meant from my head to my toes. :) See you in a few!!"
-Kristine P.

"You may have just gotten me this new job. The manager took one look at me and said "Yeah, you'll fit into our culture." The recruiter said they have a nickname for me around he office: "Dreamboat." It's your fault :)"
-Chris H.

"The only words my daughter could say were 'Oh my God! Oh my God! You look so hip!'  Even my granddaughter looked at me and with doubt in her voice said 'My Nonna??' Thank you, thank you! It was such a fun morning and I'm looking forward to our next adventure. And thanks for the pics. Now I have something up to date ...I'm curious to see how far they take me! xo"
-Joanne M.

"Thank you for everything. Everyone loves the look so far and thinks it looks great! Thanks to you!! I didn’t know I would be seeing the guy I'm interested in today until after I left for work. He didn’t say anything but he was sure checking me out :)"
-Nancy S.

"I use that makeup that you picked out for me everyday. Seriously you are very talented at what you do, for real!"
-Sara C.

"Thanks for sending the smiling pic of me all dolled up. I have been enjoying my new hair and look. My daughter is no longer ashamed to introduce me to her friends :-) We’re really  happy with our clothing purchases...I think I'm going to get the turquoise cloth jacket in black as well. Love my jeans most of all :-) Thanks for everything..."
-Kelly M.

"I like my new sunglasses and have been wearing them quite a bit. I'm glad my husband likes them since he looks at them a lot more than I do. Thanks! ;-)"
-Jen O.

"I wore one of the shirts we picked out with the dark grey shorts last night. Looked and felt good. Even got a compliment or two. ;)"
-Chip S.

"That was great fun!"
-Amy R.

"Just wanted to let you know the wedding went great and we both looked fabulous. On our Honeymoon a waitress at a fancy wine bar said we were the best dressed couple she'd seen in ages! Haha!"
-Rebecca Y.

"Thanks again for the marathon session on Sunday. I've been trying to incorporate your wise teachings into my choices...Thanks so much!"
-Kristine S.

"Before, I felt...WEIRD. Now I feel dressed up but still like me. You have no idea how unusual that is for me!"
-Katy B.

"It was great working with you yesterday. It was really fun for both of us! Thanks!"
-Ash P.

My wife's makeover went great! She really liked Morghan and learned a lot about new alternatives she can consider when it comes to hair, makeup, and clothes. They had so much fun doing all that they didn't even make it to accessories--next year. :) So thank you  very much for all your help, Morghan did a great job! Thanks!
-Scott S.

"I wanted to send you a thank you for my daughter's Cinderella adventure yesterday with Morghan and the rest of the team. She came home very excited, loving her new look, her purchases and her photo shoot. Her words were that it was "a memory and experience that will be with me forever!" She loved Morghan and with her knowledge and advice the day was perfect! So thank you Beth for all you do! Sending you blessings and continued great success....until next time :)"
-Renee W.

"Thank you for everything! I feel I've accomplished a lot with you, and I'm putting things together a lot better! Thanks again :)"
-Hillary T.

"Thanks for all of your help and patience today! Trusting you is paying off, based on the positive responses I'm getting from people around me. I do want to thank you for being so supportive and wonderful and patient with me. It was fun! Thanks for all of your help, and THANK YOU for your support."
-Nicole L.

"I had a really great shopping trip with Morghan! Thanks again."
-Scott L.

"I had a FABULOUS time last night at the party you got me ready much that I followed the after-party to last call at the DNA Lounge! I'm trashed today but it was worth it. Thanks a million for getting the evening off to a great start! Hugs!"
-Katie B.

"Thanks for making me beautiful on our special day!"
-Sonia M.

"Thanks for your hard work today! It's overwhelming for me, but therapeutic too in a strange way!"
-Hannah G.

"I've been invited to go shopping together by THREE girls over the past month (?!) If only they knew my secret ;)"
-Kevin R.

"You would not believe how cute I am today, I cannot even stand it. I love Morghan!"
-Kate N.

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything! It was such a pleasure meeting you and working with you. My mother is truly like a new woman and I have you to thank for that. A whole new world has opened up to her and she has realized that it is okay to take some pride in how you look! I think she looks ten years younger. She has definitely been spoiled by her first ever high-end haircut and is already talking about going back. I may need to make a trip into the city the next time I need a cut, as well. :) As for me, I am so glad that I ended up with all of those dresses, I'm not sure I would have gotten them if I were just shopping on my own or with a friend, but you were so right about them being an easy outfit and they do look great. :) I would love to bring my mom back for another session with you in the future and will definitely be letting people know how amazing your service is. Best wishes for you and your company!"
-Kristen M.

"In the last two days, I've had FOUR people compliment my hair and eyebrows! I am really thankful for your help. Thanks again."
-Tayfun O.

"OMG, I am getting so many compliments on everything, just wanted to let you know! The clothes are FABULOUS. Someone told me I look 10 years younger with this hair. My sister is jealous of my positive experiences with you and wants a stylist of her own. YOU ARE AWESOME. Even the toughest critic (my husband) is pleased. :)
-Dyuti S.

"I am excited to have found your service. I'm looking forward to this improved me!"
-Ann W.

"I finally found a job! When I got my interview I wore the black dress we bought and I felt so self-confident. It had a magical effect! I wish I could come to visit you for one day, have my hair cut, and be self-confident for the coming months! Take care, with my warmest regards."
-Annalisa P.

"I wanted to say I really enjoyed our session...I felt empowered. I had been feeling tired and like I did not have enough time to pamper myself. I was at a style dead end. Now I like my new hair, it is very convenient and the color is awesome. I totally noticed the shade difference before and after when I got looked so natural and familiar that by that afternoon I had totally forgotten what it was like before. I am also following the skin care and make up routine. I'm looking forward to our next session!"
-Denise M.

"I got a wolf whistle at work today (!!!) Also three women stopped and complimented me at my desk at work, and many more stared. ;)"
-Kris R.

"Our kids had a great time and they looked amazing. They said you were so great, made them so comfortable--they really loved it! I was shocked by how different they looked, in a good way...I was expecting a nice haircut and new clothes but this was so much more. They both said what made it so great was you. You did an amazing job. Thanks again, and thanks for the pictures, it helped us get to enjoy it with them. :) Thank-you!"
-Ronda B.

"We look great! I love you!!!!!!!! I feel so hot and you are are so good at what you do!"
-Katie H.

"Just a note to say I REALLY enjoyed the makeover experience. Morgan was delightful to work with and VERY helpful. I am wearing a cool shirt and blue shoes right now because of her help! Alex was amazing as wel...I love his location; he gave me a lot of useful information on hair loss options, and finally gave me a hair style that I love. Thanks!"
-Mark S.

"I love my new clothes, I need more. My male friends want to know what I've figured out. I've really been enjoying my new clothes--well worth it, the best shopping trip I've ever had."
-Dave N.

"Beth! You're amazing! My bf is rockin' the James Bond look! Thank you so much again, he had such a great time! I was so surprised at the startling difference you accomplished...I have really never seen him in that light before and would have had no idea how to pick clothes for him. He ended up buying pretty much everything. As for me, thank you so much for the encouragement, I do feel much more confident about everything I choose to wear these days! And the best part is I don't feel like I'm doing this for somebody else. I used to feel disappointed if I dressed up to a party and the guy I liked didn't show up but now I dress up almost every day to work because it's fun! Haha my dad has actually expressed interest in doing a makeover with you next time he's in the US! Cheers :)"
-Letitia L.

"Thank you so much for a fantastic session. I'm so impressed by your multitude of skills, your intuition, and your obvious true love and passion for what you do in your business. I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciate your advice and help. It gives me so much joy, hope, and self confidence."
-Alice R.

"I've started dating a model since Morghan became my stylist! Thanks!"
-Scott A.

"Alex gave me a new hairdo when I worked with Beth. He did a wonderful job with the cut and ALSO a wonderful job teaching me how to get good results with styling it myself. it truly does not take long and the results are terrific. I use the products and do everything you showed me. I LOVE the results. He's gifted! Many thanks. I'll be coming back."
-Judy F.

"I am enjoying my new products! Thank you for your support and education."
-Laura R.

"It's like dress-up play time with something to show at the end!!"
-Amanda S.

"So my flight got cancelled and my ex-boyfriend bit on my plea for a place to stay and airport was great...he was totally salivating! He couldn't believe what had happened to me since I moved. That'll teach him!!! Felt great!"
-Ann U.

“This guy who just moved here from France stopped me, held my shoulders, and told me I looked perfect. He said "perfection!" I’m suddenly also getting an extreme number of complements on my watch, and about 25 compliments on the hat so far.”
-Chris R.

"You are the best."
-Meg L.

"Thanks for everything...I am putting my new skillz to work!"
-Laura M.

"Hey! Thank you again for my makeover. I had a great time..."
-Leslie N.

“My mom wore some of the beautiful clothes you helped me pick for her 50th wedding anniversary, and she said she felt so incredibly good. She just looked so great in them--she truly looked 20 years younger, and she was radiant. She couldn't stop talking about the clothes. I can't thank you enough!”
-Alice R.

"OMG I love my skinny black jeans. Love."
-Elise L.

"You're a magician!"
-Kate L.

"People at dinner tonight loved the shoes. BTW, as I said earlier, I loved working with you. It was awesome."
-Kent Q.

"Thank you so much for your help!! I feel very confident about my wardrobe and my make up too! My skin also feels fantastic!!!!"
-Fiona B.

"I'm not as self-conscious--I like the clothes and how I feel!"
-Janel M.

"I love my makeover. I feel better about myself than I have in years. I want others to feel the same way!"
-Nicole L.

"Just wanted to let you know I love the look with the cuff and earrings! At first I thought they would look weird with my Pats jersey, but the leather jacket brings it all together and makes me look polished-casual instead of slobby-sporty! You work magic!!"
-Letitia L.

"I'm super happy with the items we picked up and I look forward to working with you next month! Cheers!"
-Tom H.

"I should have done this a loooooong time ago."
-Kristine S.

"I wanted to say thank you so, so much for everything you did at my last appointment!! You did an amazing job with hair, make up, pictures, etc, and I learned so much from you!! Thank you for being so patient with me all day!!!  (I may make an appointment in the next few months, with my sister or friends, to learn more, if that's ok. Thank you, again, and take care!"
-Cheryl R.

"Thanks for sending the pictures--I can hardly believe that's me. Very much looking forward to the next session!"
-Elizabeth P.








































"You are only as good as the people you dress." -Halston