Guerrilla Makeovers Private Client Intensive Session

For clients who would like an even more personal makeover experience, we are proud to offer a range of exclusive Private Client Intensive Makeovers.

Private Intensives can be booked singly or as part of a series. These exclusive makeovers consist of an intimate one-on-one assessment of the client's personal style, and incorporate specialized refinements for those with discriminating tastes. A Private Intensive is completely customizable and can be structured around any of a range of the available services listed below.

The Private Intensive Series offers you a way to go deeper into your style journey by building on your work over a span of several sessions with the same stylist. Together you'll create a look that will last, and learn to shop smarter going forward. You'll receive expert help from start to finish, and complimentary follow up check-ins to help keep you on track. Series Members also receive priority scheduling, VIP discounts, and up-to-the-minute sales information, along with valuable gifts from our partners.

Guerrilla Makeovers Private Client Intensive Session

👔 Wardrobe and Outfit Composition
👓 Accessories Tutorials
✂ Hair Styling + Technique
💋 Makeup Instruction + Application
💧 Skincare + Aesthetics
💆 Grooming and Spa Services
➕ Cosmetic Dentistry + Dermatology
🏠 Closet Curation
👗 Capsule Wardrobe
💌 Body Image Work
🚀 Personal Brand Development
💬 Life/Style Coaching
💕️ Dating Coaching
🏠 Home Styling
🖥️ Profile Enhancement
🛍️ Virtual Wardrobe Updates
💈 Virtual Hair + Makeup Consulting
📸 Style 911 Selfie Services
⭐ VIP Follow-up Services


"It's all about good taste." -Giorgio Armani