Have you been waiting to upgrade your image until you've reached your dream size? We've got a better idea: let Guerrilla Makeovers show you how to look amazing at every step along the way! It's time for you to start feeling beautiful....not tomorrow, not 20 lbs from now, but TODAY.

Every weight loss journey is a process, with lots of ups and downs (and different sizes) along the way. No one wants to invest in clothes they might only need for a short time, and shooting for that dream size can be a hard habit to break. But sometimes the number we're striving for is outdated, reflecting old goals. The good news is, you get to look and feel amazing exactly where you're at right now. All it takes is our expertise and your willingness to try. Our 15 years of experience with literally thousands of clients has enabled us to develop strategies that work for streamlining tricky spots, enhancing your finest features, and optimizing every shape. And learning the right fits, structures, colors, materials, and go-to brands for your body type can teach you how to shop smarter for yourself going forward.

When you know what to look for--and we do!--then shopping for clothing can become a revolutionary new experience. So don't wait another day to let your light shine. Let yourself be amazed by who you see in the mirror, and learn to love the skin you're in!

Wardrobe Essentials: Discover the shapes, cuts, colors, materials, accessories, and pro techniques that will keep you looking polished and feeling comfortable through every moment of your busy life.
Outfit Composition: Make getting dressed simple and fun with a photo database of all the looks that work for you, and logical strategies for how to style them on your own.
Hair Styling: Learn the cuts, colors, and styles that flatter your face and shape, and how to easily maintain your new look at home.
Skincare and Grooming: Your beautiful looks begins with great skin, gorgeous brows, a fabulous signature scent, and your sparkling smile!
Makeup: Explore customized techniques to sculpt, refine, and enhance your natural beauty.
One-Day Closet Curation
: Put it all together, get rid of what no longer works, and find out what you need to pull together a complete wardrobe...starting in your own closet.
Dating Profile Enhancement
: Looking for The One? You deserve to find your great love, and we can help. We'll show you exactly what to say--and how to say it--to make sure you're calling in your perfect match.
Style 911 Selfie Services: Text us a pic anytime to receive instant realtime feedback direct from our head-to-toe style experts, and rock your look with total confidence!
Virtual Makeovers: Can't make it to us? We'll come to you! Many of our menu options are available over Skype or FaceTime as virtual sessions, and of course online shopping is always in style.
Modern Goddess Capsule Wardrobe: Get matched to a customized selection of individual pieces and outfit combos from our iconic curated collection, and make getting dressed the easiest part of your day! The look is polished, low-maintenance, and effortlessly chic--everything you need for your comfortable, versatile, beautiful look.
Wellness Resources: You are not alone! Get paired with a lifestyle enhancement program to meet your unique needs: Personal Training, Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Cosmetic Dermatology, Cosmetic Dentistry, Weight Loss Coaching, and more.

"You can look and feel great at any size...there are so many people who don't recognize how beautiful they are until someone shows them."
-Stacy London