In a global economy, a proper understanding of business attire and etiquette can help shape your company's corporate identity for the better, at home and overseas. Since American workplace dress-codes have become so relaxed, learning how to cultivate a polished professional image can offer a boost to employee morale, and will help your corporate family to grow the respect of their clients, management, and peers. Give your company a leg up on the competition with some assistance from the pros at Guerrilla Makeovers:

Our Corporate Training Workshops teach employees how to navigate the tricky waters of business style with personality and pizzazz: A Half-Day Training Luncheon or a Weekend Team-Building Seminar is a fun and entertaining way to thank your terrific team for a job well done, while providing them with a solid foundation in the basics of professionally oriented image development.

VIP Private Intensive Sessions
provide your most important ambassadors with a wealth of custom style tools designed to serve as a specialized roadmap to any corporate culture or region in the world. VIP Private Intensives are a great way to prepare for a launch to executive and higher-management levels of professionalism, and can be paired with Photo Sessions and networking Profile Development for a complete image upgrade.

And our Welcome Workshops offer an extra helping hand to recently arrived overseas employees who'd like some assistance adjusting to new and unfamiliar cultural environments that can sometimes make them feel far from home.
These sessions place particular emphasis on facilitating cross-cultural dialogue to enhance understanding of norms and communication styles, providing improved opportunities for growth and development within your company.


"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."
-Will Rogers