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Thinking about getting bangs?
πŸ’‡ +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Skin doing something weird?
⁉️ +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Searching for frames to fit your face?
πŸ‘“ +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Wondering if those new jeans really fit?
πŸ‘– +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Trying out a (questionable?) new look?
πŸ‘¨ +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Not quite sure about that date / interview / meet the parents outfit?
πŸ‘” +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Can't stop overpacking that carry-on?
πŸŽ’οΈ +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Stuck in a dressing room and can't decide?
πŸ›οΈ +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Taking a risk on a new lipcolor?
πŸ’‹οΈ +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Need to make sure your look's on point?
πŸ’ͺ +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Wondering which shoes go with that outfit?
πŸ‘  +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

About to click BUY but not sure it's for you?
πŸ’Έ +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Purging the closet and can't quite let it go?
πŸ•ΈοΈ +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Not sure if your outfit will be appropriate?
πŸ’ƒ +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Bored with your look and craving inspo?
πŸš€ +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Midway through a chat and need to know EXACTLY what to say to keep it going?
πŸ’ž +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬

Trying to figure out what to say to that hottie across the room...or if you should even try?
πŸ’‘ +πŸ“±= πŸ’¬



β€’ Style 911 costs 99Β’/question.

β€’ Standard text messaging rates may apply.

β€’ Currently available for iOS only.

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