Modern Goddess: find love. keep it.

Have you smooched enough frogs to last a lifetime? Are you *this close* to smashing that single glass slipper and replacing it with a hot pair of Louboutins? Learn how to find that one sweet love you've been waiting for, and how to hang on to it for good. Your true love is out there looking, and we're going to help 'em find you.

Wardrobe! Accessories!: Polish your look and turn some heads with the right cuts, colors, and styles for you.
Hair Styling: You've never seen yourself look this good...Ev. er. How to get it, work it, and keep it going.
Makeup, Explained: Feel like you missed this day in 'Girl School?' We're offering make-up sessions :)
Skincare + Grooming: Aging is for suckers: relax into a complementary facial while geting custom advice on your skin’s individual needs.
Closet Upgrade: Sometimes you just need to hear, “Oh honey. NO.” But we'll make it work for you.
Online Profile Enhancement: Want to attract The One right to you? We'll show you exactly what to say--and how to say it--to make sure you're attracting your perfect match.
Headshots + Photo Services: Great profile pics speak louder than words, especially when you’re looking your best from head to toe. Wrap up your next session with an on-the-ground paparazzi photo shoot…fun and fabulous!
Virtual Dating
: Wondering what they're thinking? Noticing some patterns? Work it out with a trained pro and figure out what's really going on with all the dating scenarios you tend to bump up against.
Online Shopping: Love it online or in the shops, but not sure if it will work for you? We're only a ping away...send us that link before you click 'BUY!'
Priority Scheduling: for all your last minute glam-ifying needs.

Stay on top of what's hot with text-friendly Selfie Services, exclusive briefings filled with Fashion, Dating, and Lifestyle tips hand-selected just for you:

• Fashion 101: what looks good on you, and killer ways to wear it.
• Current Trends: What's Over. What's In. What's Next.
• Where to Buy: hot links to the latest looks.

• Laws of Attraction: learn the words and behaviors that attract great dates, and how you can effortlessly inspire them to keep coming back.

Want to go even deeper? Dating Coaching
can help you learn new strategies for developing confidence in dating, how to create and maintain intimacy in relationships, and how to attract the right partner for you.


"Adornment, what a science! Beauty, what a weapon!"
-Gabrielle Chanel