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[Best Places to Get a Makeover in the Bay Area]
Possibly the most comprehensive makeover company in the Bay Area, Guerrilla Makeovers offers across the board services for clients looking to make a change. For everything from a one day closet makeover and dating smarts to couples' makeovers and head-to-toe jobs, Guerrilla Makeovers is dedicated to helping clients become the best person they can be. Men and women can be equally accommodated, and services can encompass not only the typical wardrobe restyling, but also hair, makeup, accessories and grooming. All services are customizable, and Guerrilla Makeovers can help everyone from the up and coming business professional to a shy someone looking for love.

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[Best Places in San Francisco for a Makeover]
For many, a new year means a time to revamp the old you into something new and fabulous. Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your look or just polish up your existing beauty, San Francisco has great options to help accomplish your makeover goals. Based in San Francisco for over 10 years, Guerrilla Makeovers is a fabulous option for anyone wanting a makeover. Guerrilla Makeovers is a personal styling service offering customized fashion and beauty advice and services. Trained beauty and fashion specialists not only create a look that transforms daily styles, but also teach clients how to recreate the looks on their own. Whether you are working with a budget, have money to spend or just need some advice, Guerrilla Makeovers is worth checking out. Rates vary depending on what you need or want done; book alone or have a friend’s day out as part of a group. Advice is included in the costs, but obviously clothing and beauty products will be extra. Don’t fret; your Guerrilla Consultant will tailor your experience to your budget. Consultants also have the insider knowledge on which stores are having sales, offering deals and discounts so your money will be stretched to get the maximum benefit.

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""If you're willing to get a few tips on how to clean up nice from some no-nonsense experts, then Guerilla Makeovers just might be for you. Preserving the magic and fun of playing dress-up (minus the quibbling and bitchy disapproval associated with most makeover shows on television)..."

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[The 24/7 World of Justin.TV]

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“Not a store but a personal shopping experience, Guerrilla Makeovers stylists take people shopping in San Francisco for fashion and beauty makeovers. They do everything from pre-wedding polish to corporate fashion coaching.”


"Can a shopping tour change your life? This one can! Modeled after the makeover shows you've seen on TV, Guerrilla Makeovers offers one-on-one, head-to-toe advice on how to spice up your wardrobe, fine tune your grooming, or salvage that hard to handle hair."

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"Great afternoon! We could have used MORE time! I learned many useful things things that I'm still putting to good use...I wish I could do this once a year!"

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"How do you plan a trip to San Francisco? Let us count the ways, using guidebooks to the city...Due out in October, "San Francisco: The Unknown City" (Arsenal Pulp Press, $17.95), is an alternative guidebook listing one-of-a-kind stores, hidden nightspots like a private karaoke room in Japan Town, and offbeat tours. Unique local services include a $119 three-hour consultation and shopping trip with a stylist from Guerrilla Makeovers (866-293-7895)."

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We were runners up for Los Angeles's 'Dances With Films'' Grand Jury Prize (Grand Jury Prize: Honrable Mention!) Thank you to all who came to see our film!

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"Everything you do and wear and express is going to be scrutinized by a lot of people," [the makeover specialist] tells Kan. "Put some thought into things that you put on your body." Macy's fit the bill for both the hip and casual party and more polished elevator pitch looks the specialist wanted for him and his new 24/7 celebrity.

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"Expedia’s travel editors selected the 10 top cities for holiday shopping, including picks on places to stay and special packages. ..."

“Ever wish you could have a personal consultant to recommend the best shopping just for you and where to go for a personal makeover? Guerrilla Makeovers is the answer. Guerrilla offers customers a personal consultant for a three- or six-hour shopping and makeover experience, including one-on-one consultations. The experience may include a hair cut, new outfit or shoes, grooming products, fashion eyewear, or even a trip to a day spa. Guerrilla Makeovers staff meet the customer at Union Square in front of Macy's (usually at 1PM). The experience starts with a consultation session between the customer and the experts provided by Guerrilla Makeovers. From there, the personal guide makes recommendations and accompanies the customer on a shopping and makeover tour in San Francisco, usually on foot. The staff are chosen not only for their fashion sense but also for their ability to entertain. Customers can bring whomever they wish to accompany them on the tour. Reservations are required for the tour since it is personalized just for you.”

[April 2, 2007: Justin Gets a Guerrilla Makeover!]

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"You are fabulous - shouldn't your style reveal that? With a six-hour makeover from Guerrilla Makeovers, you'll enjoy expert shopping partners who will help you work within any budget - no matter how large or small - to find a great new wardrobe and style. They'll consider your budget and personal preference and take you to some of their favorite salons and shopping venues to find a brand new look that's entirely you! Kick start your San Francisco vacation off with a makeover, then spend the rest of your getaway enjoying the attention your new look gets from onlookers!"

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"What’s the buzz on Guerrilla Makeovers? Apparently it’s a San Francisco-based company that offers Queer Eye-like service (strictly in the realm of fashion and grooming, I assume; there’s no Thom Filicia clone to paint stripes across your living room). They’re quick to disclaim any association with the show, though it’s still very showbizzy; their style gurus are called “cast members.” And their higher tier of makeover packages, in which more than three cast members do you over (oh, stop), is called “the big flaming entourage.” Nice. I found out about Guerrilla Makeovers through a link on Expedia, which seems well placed; it does seem like a fun thing to do while on vacation."

"Update a frazzled look, and get ready to dazzle! Put on your frumpiest clothes and don't do your hair--you're about to spend an afternoon with fashion gurus who can make even the terminally drab break out of their mold. San Fran’s Guerrilla Makeovers will whip your style into shape in Union Square’s salons and shops. You'll have a consultation with a specialist to determine your style preferences and plan of action. Then, experience your own reality TV-type makeover. You have the option to start with a new haircut and style, and then hit hottest boutiques for new shoes and a new outfit. Plus, take home helpful hints about maintaining your new look."

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"Guerrilla Makeovers (1-866-293-STYLE,
www.GuerrillaMakeovers.com) personal consulting service helps an equal number of men and women, ranging in age from 13 to 67. It brings together all the best aspects of a makeover TV show...all with more attitude than Carson and Kyan combined. "It's quite the spectrum, but the one commonality is that it's always someone going through some kind of life change," [the founder] says. Unfortunately, there's no camera crew to document the transformation: only before and after photos."

San Francisco: The Unknown City 2005
"A San Francisco company if there ever was one, Guerrilla Makeovers makes reality TV dreams come true. For $119 the Guerrilla Makeovers fashion gurus will figure out what it is you really want style-wise, and in three hours will transform you; kind of like the TV show The Swan, sans surgery. Stylists meet clients around 1PM any day of the week to first chat and strategize, and then hit the streets. "Once we had a church group of kids from Florida, kids between 13 and 16 years old--so we took them to the Haight," says Jon Peahl, the founder. "We also had a dominatrix who wanted new whips and outfits so we took her to leather shops in SoMa (South of Market area). Whatever it is you want, we can handle it."

"Feel like your fashion sense is a bit dated? Well, ditch the bell-bottoms and big hair and head to San Francisco, where Guerrilla Makeovers will create a fabulous style just for you. Whether you want to be urban chic or classic sophisticated, these talented stylists can create a style as unique as you are. Unlike personal shoppers, they'll take you to the places perfect for YOU. Don't want to spend any more than $50? Fine! They can work around any budget to reveal the fabulous new you. You'll never forget a Guerrilla Makeover...especially when you look in the mirror every day!"  

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"Discount travel site Hotwire.com has always been about saving money, and with the new addition of Hotwire's Trip Add-Ons, travelers can now both save time and manage vacation costs..."

"Was your frumpy straight guy turned down by "Queer Eye"? Don't fret, because Guerrilla Makeovers of San Francisco is offering to fix him right up. Guerrilla Makeovers takes clients on a three- to six-hour shopping trip that may result in a new wardrobe, fresh haircut, and/or spa treatment. They won't paint his apartment or teach him to cook, but "the cast is fabulous, we have actors, models, designers, and musicians. All have been selected for their unique fashion sense and their ability to entertain. We want all clients to feel like they're on TV. We want them to hear the runway music playing in their heads as they parade through the stores." The only catch is, unlike on "Queer Eye," your Fashion Don't will have to pay for everything himself."

[Queer Eye for the Canine]

"How would you love to be ultra-trendy urban chic for a day? Feeling depressed about your tired wardrobe? Let the friendly staff at Guerrilla Makeovers update your look and show you a whirlwind time around San Francisco as you transform into a chic fashionista. Get a new haircut and style, and spend as much (or as little) as you want on the perfect clothes! Musicians, performers, models and actors all comprise the knowledgeable staff that will whip up a new look for you in no time!"

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""This is my first mall opening. If they're all like this, I'm going to come to all mall openings," quipped California first lady Maria Shriver, who joined San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom for the festivities..."

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"Forget "extreme makeovers"—get an extremely fun style update from the fashion gurus at Guerrilla Makeovers! After all that excitement, relax with a yoga class at your hotel, or sample gourmet treats at the Ferry Building Marketplace, right across the street."

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[Rough Cut June 2007]


"Have you ever watched a makeover show on TV and wished it could be you? Make that dream a reality! Your three- or six-hour makeover starts with a one-on-one consultation at a sidewalk café with one of San Francisco's most colorful characters. While helping you choose a new look, your stylist will analyze your current wardrobe, your lifestyle, your budget, and your grooming routine to come up with a strategy to create a whole new you. After your consultation, it's off to the shops! Guerrilla stylists are fashion freaks, and know all the latest styles and where to find them. But more than that, they know what will work best for YOU."

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[Shelton Theatre Casts Glib Eye at Muffled Masses]
"The story is told through its wide array of beautifully crafted characters...The mother's clown-face make-up, which is also painted on the other characters...adds to this abstract and disturbing sense of hyper-reality."

"Use the expertise of San Francisco's most entertaining style mavens to transform your look! The elite team from Guerrilla Makeovers is dedicated to extolling the simple virtues of style, taste, and class and can take your drab and make it fab. They can customize your experience to make you into whatever you want to be! Urban Chic, Fashion Runway, Hippie Loose, Retro Punk, Rock Star--you tell them what you want, they'll apply the knowledge and expertise to make it happen."

"Once-in-a-Lifetime Activities: From land to water to the air, take the opportunity to live out a dream or try something unique while you’re on vacation! Tour the best that San Francisco has to offer from inside a Talking Tour Car. For the speed demon in us all, the Richard Petty Driving Experience puts you behind the wheel of a 600-horsepower stock car. If getting wet is your goal, try bouncing through rapids on the White Water Bubble. For those who aim a little higher, Ziptrek will literally take you through Whistler's ancient forests—on a series of zip lines. Or, soar over San Diego's coastline in an open cockpit biplane. If that isn’t enough of a thrill, test your stomach’s mettle on a Zero-Gravity Flight. For those non-thrill seekers, treat yourself to a Cajun-style cooking class in New Orleans or a Fashion Makeover in San Francisco."

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[Our Weekly Picks: Sweet Crude Bill and the LNS]
"Ever wonder what the Cramps might've sounded like had they hailed from Bakersfield in the '60s? How about '68 Comeback–era Elvis greased up and groaning over a JB's wah-wah guitar funk groove...Whether turning out a convincing Merle Haggard homage on originals such as "Rock Bottom" or administering the distinctively nefarious Sweet Crude treatment to Bob Dylan and Flaming Lips covers, these seafaring folk throw one hell of a clambake."


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Extreme Reality TV. Imagine every second of your life being available for all to see. Now not just most seconds but every single second...Justin Kan has agreed to wear a camera clipped on to a hat 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Anyone can log on to Justin.tv and watch every second of Justin's life. They have been live for two weeks now and the viewer rate seems to be continually rising. Justin.tv is taking reality TV to a whole new level. To help keep Justin's viewers happy, Signature Days has created a partnership with Justin.tv to send Justin on a handful of our experiences in the Bay area. His first experience, a Guerrilla Makeover, is scheduled for today. This will be live from 1:00-4:00PM (PST). Stay tuned to Justin.tv to watch Justin experience his Guerrilla Makeover, as well as he continues to enjoy some great Signature Days experiences over the course of the next few weeks.


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