Got a new job? Trying to meet someone special? Or just feeling ready for a hot new look? Guerrilla Makeovers can help. We offer assistance with all aspects of the modern gentleman's image, from wardrobe for dating, leisure, sport, event, and work, to shoes, accessories, glasses, skin, and hair.

We recognize that men have specialized needs when it comes to looking good. Hitting the streets with a pro means a targeted approach with no confusion---we're in, we're out, without a lot of messing about. And we'll hook you up with everything you need in no time flat.

In addition to our personal styling services we also offer a range of Life/Style Services to our clients, including Closet Curation, Online Profile Enhancement, Style 911, Virtual Wardrobe Updates, and Home Decor, to give you a lift in all the other areas of your stylish life. And if the only thing you need is a great new haircut or a slammin' pair of jeans, we can make that happen, too.

Look hotter, date smarter, and live better...more easily than you ever thought was possible. All in the span of a day! Trust us, you'll be thanking us later.

"Clothes make the man." -Latin Proverb