Updating your image doesn't have to cost a lot of money! The world of retail is packed with bargains and there are great deals to be had all over the city. We can do makeovers in shopping districts that fit your budget, and we know all the secret spots to find a bargain. And Guerrilla Stylists always stay up-to-the-minute on all the sales as they happen, so we can pass those amazing deals on to our clients. So even if your budget's limited, there’s still a head-to-toe makeover out there for you!

Guerrilla Makeovers maintains no partnerships or affiliations with the shops that service us, except for those which might directly benefit our clients. Our aim is to help you look great and learn to express yourself, not to sell you products or services. If you're not ready to buy anything during your makeovers, you absolutely can choose to simply use your makeover as a teaching tool, to find out all about the many looks that work for you. Remember: it doesn't cost a thing to window shop, and trying things on is always free!

"Good clothes open all doors." -Thomas Fuller