In as little as one session, Guerrilla Makeovers can polish, enhance, and redefine your image to better reflect your lifestyle and personality, while teaching you how to maintain and develop your new look when you get home. Each of our makeovers is completely customized to the needs of our individual clients, and our makeup, wardrobe, and lifestyling services are all included as part of the cost of your session. You are welcome to make purchases or add on additional services during your makeover. Purchases and services, including hair styling, are separate from the cost of your makeover.

Over the years we have built excellent relationships with salespeople who regularly offer us personalized one-on-one service, extra-special courtesies, unrestricted access to infrastructure, unlimited returns beyond standard, and private VIP discounts which we can pass on to our clients. One of the many advantages to shopping with Guerrilla Makeovers is that we are often able to save as much as (if not more-than) the total cost of our styling services by employing the expert knowledge and relationships we've developed over 10 years of doing business with our valued partners.

The cost of working with a Guerrilla Makeovers Personal Stylist is calculated on an hourly basis. A Personal Stylist is similar to a hair stylist in that you pay them for their time and they provide their expertise. In the case of the hair stylist, that's a new haircut. In the case of the Personal Stylist, it's a whole new look from head to toe. As with a hair stylist, gratuities for your personal stylist are not included in the cost of your service, and tips are very much appreciated. Beyond being helpful, kind, and generous, customer feedback markers such as added gratuities help us to make sure that our clients are as happy and satisfied as they possibly can be before our time together has ended. This information also offers us invaluable insights into our ever-evolving customer service protocol.

Guerrilla Makeovers clients are never required to purchase anything at all during their makeover. We do not have financially beneficial or commission-based relationships with any stores or service providers, except where such relationships will directly benefit our clients (such as VIP discounts, personalized customer service, and insider knowledge of local sales and bargains.) In fact, many of our clients choose to use their makeover experience primarily as a teaching tool to learn what styles, cuts, and colors best flatter their personalities, aesthetics, and lifestyles. Learning the looks that work for you will keep you shopping smarter on your own for years to come. A Guerrilla Makeover is an investment in yourself!

“How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something,
but to be someone." -Coco Chanel