Guerrilla Makeovers teaches people how to express their personalities through the way they look and present themselves, in simple ways that are straightforward and easy to maintain. We believe that a polished look is part of a healthy lifestyle! Our process incorporates a direct, holistic approach that can make your life more stylish, comfortable, versatile, functional, and effortlessly beautiful in as little as a single appointment.

A Guerrilla Makeover consists of a session, or series of sessions, of working one-on-one with your own Personal Style Consultant. The first part of your time includes a relaxed and friendly consultation over coffee, where we'll get to know you better so we can tailor your makeover to your individual preferences. Together with your feedback we'll develop a plan based on who you are, what your life is like, and what kind of changes you're looking for. Then, we'll put these ideas into practice on the ground and in the shops, all with an eye to discovering what looks best on you and flatters you the most. We'll shop for clothes, try on makeup, get your hair done, check out accessories--the works! In the course of your makeover you'll have the option to address every aspect of your image, from clothing, eyewear, and shoes, to hairstyle, skincare, and grooming, and lots of other stuff besides.

All of our makeovers are uniquely customized to compliment your specific individual personality. You'll learn how to build and refine your own sense of personal style so you can easily look and feel like your best self in every aspect of your busy life. A Guerrilla Makeover is a lot of fun and we always get very exciting results!

"The whole point in developing your own style is
to find your own voice." -Dave Holland