"Getting dressed is one of the very few things I do every day of my life, yet I have faced it with daily dread for decades. I KNOW I've got tons of great stuff in my why can't I find anything to wear? I'm ready for each day to be a celebration. No more dread...I want getting dressed to be fun!"

Are you tired of suffering from "closet confusion?" Your wardrobe system could use an upgrade. A Guerrilla Makeovers One-Day Closet Curation will streamline your clothing and accessories collection once and for all! Get some help figuring out what looks good on you, what's taking up space, what key pieces you're missing, and what needs to go. 80% of people wear only 20% of their clothes--we can turn that around in a single day, leaving you with a precisely edited wardrobe that works harder for you.

Don't want to spend a ton of money on new clothes? No problem! We'll sort through what you already own, edit out whatever's dragging you down, make better use of old favorites, and discover which shapes, cuts, and combos that flatter you most. After we're done we'll help you fill in the holes with a few targeted items to tie all your new outfits together. And for clients who are ready to wipe the slate clean and rebuild, a One-Day Closet Curation can be paired with our Private Intensive Series to integrate a whole new look into your existing wardrobe.

Ready to go shopping in your own closet? Get the streamlined wardrobe you've always dreamed of, and replace that cluttered cave with a beautiful space filled with style, versatility, comfort, and ease!

"What a success! I went out yesterday and it felt SO GOOD to know I looked good. People even reacted to me differently--something I noticed immediately. My closet used to be a depressing, sad place to it's a happy place where the only problem is that I have too many wonderful things to choose from. Thanks again for your much needed help! I'm having fun, and I'm excited to keep building on this feeling."

"Be yourself...everyone else is already taken." -Oscar Wilde