Guerrilla Makeovers is a unique Personal Styling and Image Consulting experience that offers full-service, head-to-toe style makeovers to regular people on a regular budget. We teach our clients how to express their personalities through the way they look and present themselves, in easy ways that streamline and beautify their lives. You've seen us on TV, in the paper, and behind the scenes at countless events around town. Now come check us out for yourself!

Guerrilla Makeovers offers customized fashion and beauty services to private and industry clients around the world. We specialize in enhancing people's looks and lives from the inside, out. A Guerrilla Makeover will polish and refine the way you look, feel, and express yourself by teaching you simple, positive strategies that last. Our Personal Style Consultants are experts at helping people of all ages make the most of the image they present to the world, in way that comes from within. Rather than just dress you up on the outside, we start with your personality and existing lifestyle and work outwards from there. Every makeover we do is customized to each of our clients, so that you can learn to live your OWN best look with increased confidence, polish, and ease.

A Guerrilla Makeover will show you a side of yourself that you've never seen...it's YOU, only better! How does it work? We take you shopping for clothes, deconstruct and rebuild your existing wardrobe, get your hair and makeup done, and teach you what cuts, colors, shapes, and styles fit your body type and flatter you most. You'll learn valuable tips and industry tricks that will keep you looking stylish and shopping smarter for years to come. Our techniques are designed to complement your life, making every day more comfortable, functional, versatile, and beautiful. And in addition to helping you with your image, we can also upgrade your closet, your lifestyle, your love life, your home...even your next party.

A Guerrilla Makeover is more than just a shopping trip or a great new haircut--it's a way to discover and define your own signature style once and for all. For budgets from rock-bottom to bespoke, and whether you'd like a little help or a lot, we've got a Guerrilla Makeover that's right for you. Update your current look, give your style a complete overhaul, or just relax and get pampered by your very own professional Personal Style Consultant. Are you ready for a revolutionary change in your style? Your transformation awaits!

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."
-Coco Chanel