On the run and pressed for time? Try our fast and fabulous Beauty Bootcamps! They're a fun selection of bite-sized Mini Makeovers, precision-focused to address your highest priority style concerns in just a few hours. Try one, a bunch, or sample the whole series! You'll enjoy all the Guerrilla Makeovers goodness in less than half the time.

Travel Basics: A life on the go means a wardrobe that can move as fast as you do! Establish the perfect capsule closet with the 12 essential pieces every wardrobe needs, perfectly calibrated to reflect your environment wherever in the world you find yourself next. Discover seamless style custom-crafted for any itinerary as you learn which elements demand an investment and how to save on budget items that go the distance.

Jeans Guru: Looking for that perfect pair? Trust doesn't have to be so hard! In a single session we'll outfit you with a complete new wardrobe of jeans to flatter even the hardest-to-fit figure. Learn the latest looks, experiment with trends, discover the best brands for you, and find your perfect fit once and for all. We'll put the spring in your step that only a killer pair of jeans can give have never seen your booty look this good!

Powder Hour: Beauty begins with radiant skin, great grooming, and a naturally gorgeous glow. We'll design an easy-to-maintain regimen for your skin's individual needs, find the makeup brands that best suit your look, guide you in the creation of a signature fragrance, and help you put your best face forward with customized tips on brow shaping, nail care, facial hair, waxing, teeth whitening, and more. Above all you'll learn easy-to-master pro techniques for enhancing your beauty every day, into the night.

Hair 911: Make every day a great hair day! Discover the styles, shades, and cuts that work best with your face shape, head shape, coloring, and hair, while learning simple, low-maintenance tips for achieving salon-quality style at home. Package offerings are fully customizable and address cut, color, treatment, styling, and lesson.

Lingerie: There's a reason they call them foundation garments...the right bras, hosiery, and undergarments comprise the structural framework for your figure, and can make or break an outfit in a snap. Work with our expert team of fitters and specialists to find the brands, fits, and sizing that will instantly shift your shape into the curves of your dreams. Your life--and your look--will never be the same!

Glasses: Is there any style element more important than a built-in accessory you wear every day on your face? Whether you crave that one perfect pair that pops, are looking for some great new shades, or need a wardrobe of looks to enhance every outfit, we'll find you the ultimate frames to fit your unique face-shape and style. Get ready to see yourself in a whole new light!

Shoes + Boots: Great shoes speak volumes, but in these modern times we need our feet to take us far, make us fast, and keep us fit, every day. So how do you sync up style with the reality of urban life? Find solutions to the problem of Cute vs. Comfy with an intensive session on shoe shopping. We'll address foot problems, sizing, comfort, style, versatility, pricing, and how to walk in heels. Ladies and gents, fashionable feet do not have to hurt...and our boots are made for walking.

Classics + Trends: Make your personal style as unique as you are with a practical how-to on the art of mixing high and low. We'll explore the fundamentals of selecting classic pieces, show you how to choose, use and integrate today's contemporary trends, and teach you tips to target your shopping for better returns on your wardrobe investments. Learn when to splurge, where to save, and how to mix-and-match for maximum visual impact.



"People will stare. Make it worth their while." -Harry Winston